I warned many Canadians a few months back about Justine Trudy coming after their guns, because Canada has been fully taken over by Communists. Take a look.

That was back in May, 2022. This was this weekend.

This is a total take over by the state and an infringement on the private sector. Only the government gets to own guns. Only the government and its minions—police—get to own guns. This is tyranny.


Remember, my dear reader, this is all Feminine values. Socialism/Communism are Feminine constructs based on Feminine values. Women and their cult of Safety has dominated much of human existence. This means, my dear sweet summer child, that goal of Communism is not a recent phenomenon of the industrial revolution. It has always been with humans.

This is something most people do not understand and it is why they take it all for granted and cannot get a firm grasp on how Socialism/Communism always appeals to the masses. Again, Socialism/Communism have ALWAYS been around. They are not recent “inventions” and iterations of history, by some ]ew with a scraggly beard in London with a faggot for a friend and sugar daddy (Engels). Socialism/Communism are inherent to the human psyche and are responses to an imperfect, imbalanced and harsh world.

Socialism/Communism are FEMININE constructs that predate ]ews. I know most of you don’t want to hear, nor accept this, but it is an inescapable fact. ]ews simply use Socialism/Communism as tools of division and destruction, just as they use their favorite morons—women—to bring about destruction.

To comprehend Socialism/Communism you need to understand a woman’s mind. It is that simple. Just look at anything that is dumb, evil, insane, makes no sense, vile, retarded and so on, all in the name of “safety” and you will understand fully the Feminine experience. This is the crux of Socialism/Communism. To fully comprehend Socialism/Communism, simply observe the particular inclinations of women.

For a moment, consider this question: do you think Socialism/Communism as it is today is new and has never been done before? What do you think ]ewish “Toleranz patents” were? EVERY SINGLE TIME! For thousands of years, this has been the political thought processes of humans embraced by and usurped by a parasitic group.

All of human history is one of “class warfare”, because of the inherent inescapable hierarchies among humans and the societies we build. The family structure is also inherently Socialist/Communist. ]ews just exploit these inclinations. So do women, too, first and foremost. Yet, these can only occur where there are governments. Governments are NOT natural, but are an imposition on the many by the few through lies, chicanery and deception.

Socialism/Communism are FEMININE ideations that seek to fix that which CANNOT be fixed. It is literally the hubris of the Feminine that believes itself to be the cure and answers to all the world’s ills and the belief that that answer is woven into the fabric of the Feminine being.

Breathe, brainless! Relax and comprehend what I’m saying. Most of people are too retarded and fucking dumb, or too shallow to comprehend that the power of the ]ew lies in WOMEN and the goyim’s gynocentric tendencies and nature. ]ews CANNOT be successful, were it not for women. The snake is powerless without the woman.

]ews are extremely Feminine, too. The entire ]ewish religion and experience is Feminine. The way they interact with the outside world is Feminine and the only reason why they are successful in their interactions. They behave like women on the political stage and receive the responses women receive from gynocentric men in politics.

The obeisance world “leaders” pay to ]ews is exactly the same affinity and obeisance men of ALL races pay to women. It is inherent gynocentrism used on the world stage where ]ews damsel like women in distress and even use the pilpul and double standards that is inherent to women, to get their way. Socialism/Communism are just terms used to refer to the same thing on a macro scale, but referring to it as Socialism/Communism, instead of gynocentrism, decouples from the REAL and TRUE issue we are all facing—the takeover of FEMININE VALUES.

This is what is in control of Canada and what has engulfed the west, because “safety” is what’s most important. As I’ve explained before in other articles, emergency ethics (Female Safety ethics) is how governments maintain their control and enact their tyranny.