PayPal, the big tech company that earlier this month, attempted to enact a draconian policy against free speech, is now reenacting this draconian policy, after claiming it was a mistake the first time. Oy vey!

This, all on the heels of Kanye West being dropped by Adidas, run out of a Sketcher’s meeting and ramping up his vocalness on the truth about ]ews.

Yes, my fellow goyim. You must never notice that ]ews control pretty much everything. To be specific, they control media and markets—the two most important facets of any society.

Yet, what is all of this about?

Mentally queue Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Elon Musk’s take over of Twitter. Compile them all into what is truly taking place with Kanye West.

Let’s look at this from the point of Elon. Because Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, Paypal is reenacting their “mistake policy”. Why? It means, people like Alex Jones and Kanye West can now freely speak as they desire, at least for now. Last week, or so, when no one really had a definitive answer on the acquisition of Twitter, Paypal backed off being the thought police. Now that Elon walks through the front doors with a “mobile sink”, Paypal reinstates the fine—the social credit score.

How? Paypal will use their massive registration data base to sniff out customers who are also on Twitter. On both platforms, your phone number has to at one time or another be current to make the account verification. So, both platforms are tied to you directly. You bet your fucking ass that someone at Twitter has already shared their data base with Paypal. Now all Twitter needs to do is wait for Elon to take over the keys to Twitter within the next few days.

What does it mean when tech companies are more interested in appeasing some hidden hand than the people who actually use it their services? It means the “horseshoe theory” is real and everything you and I take for granted and make a big deal about are controlled by the same people.

PayPal partnered with the ADL a long time ago to fight anyone who speaks the truth about ]ews.

This is quite simple to get around, though, believe it or not. Just don’t use PayPal. While you’re at it, take your monies out of the banks and STOP USING BANKS! If you need to use a bank to pay bills and so on, budget wisely, apportion your monthly expenses and keep that amount in the bank to pay those bills. Nothing more. It is that simple, unless you’re one of those people who have become so dependent on convenience, instant gratification and comfort that you are too lazy and brainless to mitigate your impending oppression.

Why the fuck are people still using social media, is beyond me. I can’t comprehend it. Nevertheless, I’ve warned you readers about using that nonsense. It is a governmental, corporate, MOSSAD spy database. It is also a platform for political campaigns.

Yes, this jackass will be back to dupe the masses some more, with the help of Alex Jones and Kanye West via Twitter.


There is so much disinformation out there, folks, it is unbelievable. Most people believe Elon Musk is on our side and is pushing back against ]ews and their stranglehold they have on our freedoms, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. This is a public company that does not care about anyone nor anything, but profits. This means, it will bend and contort to stay alive long enough to make those profits, even if it means conforming to the demands of the ]ewish controlled markets.


People believe these things about Trump, too. Why? Because they’re feckless, feminized retards in dire of need of being ruled over and will never be free.

In the end, pay attention, my readers. Both sides are controlled, because of the aforementioned reasons. Never be hasty in joining the masses in believing the most common, low hanging fruit narratives, because they are always wrong!

Watch, observe and think!