Listen to these fucking boomers!

Boomers are so fucking retarded, they make me sick! There is no “fentanyl crisis”. There is no “drug crisis”, either. There is a government crisis and governments—both local and federal—are run and controlled by fucking boomers! A selfish, feminized generation of moronic control freaks. There is also a crisis of Female values run amok which boomer-controlled governments use to implement fear through the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution.

No one is trying to “poison America” as that cunt boomer said. There is a market for fentanyl as there is for cocaine, marijuana and all other forms of exotic drugs. As long as there is a demand, there will be a supply if there is a supply, unless, the government says otherwise! When government gets involved is the only time there will be lots of violence. Making a good or service illegal creates black markets and increases violent crime as a result of the illegality of the good and service. Not only is there a black market for suppliers and demanders, but for the government itself! The government stands to make trillions of dollars from this. Not only does violent crime increase among suppliers and demanders, but the government, which has a monopoly on violence, will engage in tyranny and democide as we see them do daily, here, in America. The other control freak boomer continued, “we’re trying to get the Federal Government to declare fentanyl a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”. Translation: War On Fentanyl as it was with the “War On Drugs”. This is being pushed using the Feminine Values of “safety” (emergency ethics) and women and their cult of safety—someone is out there trying to harm our children! The “War On Americans” wages on.

He goes on to say that the spike in crime is due to the “defund the police” sentiments. This is patently false! The spike in crime is solely because of the aforementioned reasons (black markets [gun control]) as well as, the suspension of punitive and penal measures by NYS. For example, the bail reform bill that was passed in 2019. As I’ve argued in other articles, were the citizens of the USA truly free as we think we are, 2A would look a lot different and crime rates would be at an all-time low. Innocent people are not allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights and defend themselves, their loved ones and properties—private and personal—via the use of force, if at all. Only the government and its minions get to do so with impunity and this is why we have overregulated cesspools run by control freaks—boomers—who arrest and penalize victimless crimes in states such as NY!

[UPDATE] This is what happens when you defend yourself, family and property. Only the state and police get to kill and they do so with impunity.

Boomers have always been this way and have done this kind of shit many times before. They subscribe to Feminine Values of censorship. Remember Tipper Gore trying to censor Rock n Roll lyrics back in the 80s? How about ESRB ratings on video games in the 90s and once again, censorship of Marilyn Manson after the Columbine shooting? Boomers [Christrannies] [women] []ews], again, picked up the trend and tried to censor the internet and for the most part, were quite successful in doing so on social media platforms. The war on fentanyl is no different and boomers think they have the moral superiority and moral right to restrict the freedoms of Americans, once again. As they always do, they are calling for bigger government, which means more power and control for them.

“We need to intensify the police”, the retarded boomer continued. Yes, if you haven’t gotten it yet, boomers are statist lemmings. Contrary to what he says, police are a major problem and not a solution. Never forget, police are not preventative, nor curative. They are punitive! They exist to restrict our freedoms and put their boots on our necks! Boomers are our enemies, because they support the “thin blue line” gang. “Back the blue, till it happens to you.”

The entire “fentanyl crisis” is a hoax. It is a psyop war being waged on Americans who refuse to take personal responsibility for anything (women and their feminized offspring) using Feminine Values to perpetuate the continuity of government control. The government is creating a problem and reinforcing that there is a problem by telling you that there is a problem and, “here is the solution”. “We have the solution.” That solution is tyranny! Will we fall for it again?