I told you guys this is the season of psyops. The Pelosi Attack is no different. It’s bullshit, okay? It’s a Gay Psyop!

People have lots of questions about this reported hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi. It appears as if the original story describing this as a politically motivated crime is highly questionable.

Here are some questions being raised.

This is all a dog and pony show with bathroom breaks. Pelosi’s husband, at 2am in the morning is “tussling” with a man dressed only in his underwear, who is identified as David, a friend. Listen to the 911 calls! Yes, they expect us to believe that this was a break-in and not a gay lover’s quarrel. And how convenient that it is exactly around midterm elections. None of this shit adds up.

We definitely aren’t getting the whole story here. It’s possible that this was just a staged hoax for political purposes or Paul Pelosi was having homosexual sex with this man and they got into a fight. There might be other explanations that I’m not thinking of right now.

Either way, it is hard to know exactly what happened, but the original narrative certainly does not add up based on what we now know. San Francisco police have said that Pelosi and the attacker were both holding hammers and that the man didn’t attack Pelosi until the police arrived.

Why would the attacker wait until the police arrived before attacking him?

Paul Pelosi was just trying to get his Monkey Pox vaccine via the end of a hammer. Hell, he’s been married to a woman whose face has always looked like it was smashed in by a hammer, so it totally fits.

What’s the point of all of this? Well, this is setting a precedent for what is to come. They are setting up the narrative of “insane right wingers who despise our democracy”—the far right has normalized the use of violence for political purposes. Exactly the same narrative that was constructed around January 6th.

Why not? In the spirit of things, why the fuck not? Gotta give a shout out to Kanye West.

What is hopefully to come is many people are going to be pissed and seeking out the heads of these fuckers when shit goes bonkers! When the economy takes a shit and people’s comforts are disrupted, they hopefully are going to be asking questions and seeking answers and these types of people are scared shitless of that kind of happening.

Doubt intensifies.


Now, I don’t know how true this is, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Were you in Paul’s position and you got caught being a monkey poxer from a wellness check, what would you do? I would play it off as I was being attacked. Just saying.

It has been confirmed that Paul Pelosi asked his “attacker” to go to the bathroom where he proceeded to call the cops.

This shit stinks and I’m not buying the attack narrative.


Here’s the article and video attached saying he’s expected to recover.