So, what have we learned in the past 2 years about the covid 19 hoax?

Personally, I’ve learned that most people are submissive retards who will believe anything figures of authority tell them, without questioning or protesting. They will actively seek to undermine anyone who does not follow the herd, even to the point of reporting their friends, family members and neighbours to the police, doxxing, ostracising, and being verbally and physically abusive towards people who are not retards as they are.

Essentially, people wilfully subject themselves and others to tyranny in the name of “safety”. This is no different to the religious moron who does so in the name of divine pursuit.

Certainly, it can be argued that this has always been the case with humans and is already known, but, it was an interesting and alarming showcase of how such a tiny group of people can have such a unfathomable amount of control over so many. It is due the hijacking of human irrationality that leads one to believe in the supernatural which is usurped by those who rule. It is how the powers that be are able, to not only hijack and usurp, but, legitimize their dominance and tyranny.

The entire ordeal from “the virus!” hoax to forced mandates and the enmity that ensued between statist retards and those who stood up for their freedoms, made me a lot more misanthropic. I was already pretty much anti-social before the scamdemic, in the sense that I learned quickly from a young age that most people are retarded lemmings, but, it was pretty horrifying to watch how Orwellian everything became in such a short time. This also made me pretty grateful that there were still a few people left who I could relate to on some level (there really aren’t many) without feeling super alienated. It is truly scary having to witness how much power the powers that should not be actually have over the minds of the masses. I constantly remind myself that it is harder to convince someone they’ve been tricked than it is to trick someone. The propaganda we have been subjected to the past two years has been extremely powerful! It is absolutely mind blowing and the propaganda continues as does the list of people that I find irredeemable and subhuman grows, exponentially.

Dear reader, what have you learned?

Where are we now, today, at the end of 2022? Well, the assorted scum at the G20 summit are trying to advance the concept of vaccine passports for international travel. Basically you’d have to be injected with whatever the assholes at the World Health Organization dictate in order to cross international borders. Yes, folks. We are still here with this bullshit. As I’ve mentioned several times before in other articles, this is never going away!

As it stands, I opine that they are going to have a really hard time implementing all of their dystopic fantasies, considering the dire shape the West is in and everything that has come out in the mainstream media about the deadly COVID-19 injections. The fact that they are continuing to push this insanity may appear to us as them being disconnected from reality, yet, we must never underestimate the gullibility of the masses.

After all, the vast majority of the human population are worthless cattle that do not deserve to live. I know, I know. How dare I say that, right? Sounds like something Bill Gates would say. Well, you can only get here after having understood a few things. The elites like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, argue that majority of humans are inherently reactionary and only deal with problems after they have wreaked havoc. Even then, you can only convince so many people that the problem exists; large scale problem-solving in modern society is completely impossible and we as a species will never overcome this “fact” and will likely go extinct as a result, due to one foreseeable and preventable disaster or another.

Sounds about right, right? Yes and no. Yes, this is exactly how Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab speak, but, no, they are merely weaponizing fear and emergency ethics as I’ve explained many times before.

The problem with most humans that these evil fucks understand is that they are easily fooled and can be ruled by fear, with fear and through fear. They also comprehend that only a few actually take the time to assess situations and narratives, thoroughly, then act. It is only a few who believe nothing and question everything. Only a few of us are able to recognize and confront the hyperactive detection agency mechanism in our brains that seek to rationalize the irrational with more irrationality and instead, yield to doubt and accept that there are gaps in our knowledge. Most people have a truly underdeveloped associative horizon and cannot effectively process parallels, far less, conceptualize how an institution such as science and the scientific method can be compromised. No, I am not referring to the self-correcting mechanism that is inherent to science and the scientific process. Rather, I am referring to that human element that carries with it the propensity to corrupt the scientific process by placing personal aspirations and agendas above science. Evidently, for the past few years, there has been only a few of us who were able to recognize the deification and weaponizing of science against the few of us who saw the blatant personal agendas. The inability of the masses to function on this level renders them prime for the culling and depopulation agenda the monstrous, evil elite are set on doing.

Why am I saying this? Why do I have this perspective? It is simply because I comprehend that the vast majority of people are extremely stupid and the average person will welcome and facilitate mine and his oppression and will persecute me for not sharing in their delusions. How can you convince a group of people that you are chosen and still like them or value them?

No, I do not “have faith in humanity”. I do not subscribe to that bullshit and never will. One constant is that you can never trust humans, because, they are feckless and fickle. It is time to wake up and recognize that your neighbours want you dead and will celebrate you being fired, jailed, arrested, fined and trampled upon if you do not listen to and obey the goverment—their “god”. The people who organized this whole psyop were 100% right in doing so, because NPCs deserve to be exterminated for being stupid bootlicking, authority-loving, lying, disingenuous, cowardly, gullible, pieces of shit. I say this knowing that the elites will kill my ass, too, but, I won’t make it easy for them.

80% are retarded cattle.
10% are evil sociopaths.
10% are a very rare and special audience watching everything unfold.

This is where we are and have always been.