Not that this is of any real importance, but, Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account has been reinstated.

Give me a few moments of your time and I’ll explain later why all of this is unimportant.

The poll Elon Musk posted asking if Trump should be reinstated was seen by around 134 million people with 52% voting in favor to reinstate him. The poll was also flooded by all sorts of bots which may help Twitter figure out ways to handle this problem.

Still, all of this means absolutely nothing.

Strictly for entertainment purposes, because none of this is of any importance, but, it will be interesting to see what Trump does since he’s been shilling his Truth Social account. The problem is that he doesn’t get anywhere near as much engagement on that as he would and once did on Twitter. He should use both, if being on social media is of any importance to him. It’d be ridiculous not to take advantage of this.

In the spirit of bread and circus, I fully support Trump’s reinstatement and there should be a mass reinstatement of accounts. There needs to be a general amnesty to all who were banned under the prior regime.

Once that is done, I think ]ews should be forced to have Star of David’s (Remphan) in their profile with echoes ((())) in their names. That way when the time is right, we can do a digital Holocaust of their accounts.

What most people need to grasp, is that NONE of this truly matters at the end of the day, because it is all performative. It is no different to how politicians behave when they are attempting to absorb us into their bullshit. “Alt-media” and e-celeb, social media personalities act and behave in the same capacity. Our attentions and investments in them, fuels their “importance” and relevance, when they truly do not have any immediate impact on our lives. I propose that most of us need to turn off the internet and media for a period of time and just enjoy life as it was BEFORE tech took over our lives. Social media is a poison and an unnecessary one, too. One that has no true value outside of us and our participation. This includes Donald Trump, the shabbos goy toy who ]ews and Q-tards are desperate to have “make a comeback” to “fulfill prophecy”.

The average person is such a retard that he or she cannot see that all of politics is merely entertainment that is no different to the mainstream media programming offered on television. Think about the fake, scripted WWF and Reality TV shows. That is exactly what politics, voting and “supporting the best candidate” who says “the thing” is really about. Voting is merely a ritual given to the dumb masses to dupe them into believing they actually are in control and affect “change”. This is done through the entertainment element of social media “politics” that establishes Cult of Personalities and makes it way more easier than it was ever before possible. Yes, the average person wilfully participates in their oppression and limiting of their freedoms.

Donald Trump has announced that he is running in 2024 and so the psyop continues. Add a little Twitter in the mix to spice it all up. Donald Trump being reinstated on Twitter is merely to draw a crowd and Q-tards, Trumpanzee retards and moronic boomers are all dialed into this psyop, because, they believe it is “fulfilling prophecy”. Jewish prophecy. Trump and Bibi have been “prophesied” by these dumb asses to bring in the Noahide laws.

These retards actually believe that there are people on this planet who have a right to rule over them. After all, fools revere their chains. This is the mindset of the average boomer.