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Now, onto more pressing matters.

A new documentary titled, Died Suddenly, has been circulating on the interwebs. You can watch it here:

It is important to discuss it, because, as I’ve forewarned you readers, this year and the years to come will be years of psyops galore! This documentary is particularly questionable.

The documentary is clearly suggesting that many who are dying are dying as a result of having taken the vaccine. I will assume that you have taken the time to watch the documentary and will point out the obvious that many who share in this confirmation bias are not willing to face, nor, admit, and that is, billions of people have been vaccinated and they’re not dying.

As I’ve pointed out here in this article, The Vaxx Conversation 3: Useful Idiots: “Anti-Vaxxers” are Adding to the PsyOp:

All of it is performative and deliberating over it means nothing. As a matter of fact, the position of the “anti-vaxxers” is no different to the “pro-vaxxers” — both positions legitimize and fuels the psyop—which is to create mass hysteria, division and conflict.

NO ONE can definitively tell you what the real intended purpose of the “vaccine” (experimental gene therapy)(it is not a vaccine) is. They/We can only speculate, at best, based on the preponderance of the stated agenda of the elites. NOT evidence. The only evidence happens to be what these sinister elite fucks are saying, have said and have been planning (again, based on their own words) all along, as you rightly pointed out. There is no smoking gun that the “elixir” is actually a “death-vax” — that it is actually CAUSING A, B, OR C, or, that it is CAUSING, A, B AND C. What we can do, is assume and postulate. Nothing more.

How we assume and postulate can be rational or irrational and of late, it has been purely irrational. How? Well, just because A happens, then B happens, does not mean A is the cause of B. Two things happening at the same time doesn’t mean that one is the cause of the other. Correlation is NOT Causation. Furthermore, what many have been irrationally doing is assuming correlation and assuming causation. For instance, based on the fact that these “vaccines” are being heavily pushed by the powers that be with absolutely no liability on part of the pharmaceutical companies, and that the entire planet is being forced to take the jab, we know that there is something fishy. So, many have taken this rational and justifiable hunch and ran with it, irresponsibly and irrationally creating dots to be connected (not actually connecting dots), thereby, mass producing hysteria with no proven basis . Their “rationale”, or lack thereof, goes like this: they are forcing us, therefore they must be doing this to accomplish A, and/or B, and/or C — they want to depopulate, they want to track us, hijack our obedience, and/or all of the above.

Here’s the problem with this and it is a serious one; on one side, there is supposedly a deadly communicable virus that is killing people, if not just making them sick. Now, one of the two well-known constants of life, you guessed it, is death!

People die and they die all the time!

They do so for myriad of reasons. This is how these fucks—politicians and the media—have been able to successfully convince majority of the Earth’s population that there is a doom-virus. Here we see the irrationality of people being weaponized by politicians and the media—A (death) happens (all the time), then V (the supposed virus) happens; therefore V is the cause of A despite the fact that A is a constant of L (life).

As I’ve said many times, “there is no virus. There is only “the virus!” which has many people behaving like retards”. In addition, all of this is merely the flu rebranded. People being gullible and irrational has highlighted that there is no need for there to be an actual virus.

We all know that the CDC and many other cooperating agencies have falsified the death records in 2020, 2021 and still do—labeling deaths from and by other diseases as a result of the covid hoax.

We also know that the covid hoax is as deadly as, if not less deadlier, than the flu and just like the flu, there are many strains and “variants”.

Those who refuse to take the experimental elixir (v) are doing so, because, as they claim, the elixir is causing A (death). They have simply substituted V (“the virus!”) for v (the elixir). When the people (commonly known as “the anti-vaxxers”) promote all of these “anti-vaxxer” sentiments and use the buzzwords they do—suggesting without smoking-gun evidence that the elixir causes death, therefore the agenda is to depopulate the Earth—they are unwittingly partaking in controlled opposition: being useful idiots by substituting one boogeyman for another. They are essentially removing foci from the most important element—FREEDOM!

At this juncture, the conversation about freedom is passé and over. It is now about an escalated, fever pitched effort of misinformation. Psyops.

For example, this documentary, for instance, more than likely is a medium of IIA Operations (Interactive Internet Activities), which is a governmental, military effort that uses the internet as a psychological operation program for tactical social media warfare. As a matter of fact, I am certain that it is.

Confused? Okay, I’ll break it down.

Interactive Internet Activities is defined as follows:

“[A] psychological operations and computer network operations (CNO). CNO supports PSYOP with dissemination assets to include Interactive Internet Activities. CNO activities can deny or degrade an adversary’s ability to access, report, and process information. This capability supports PSYOP by providing access to digital media within the information environment to reach intended targets.”

In other words, when you watch Alex Jones, David Icke, Nick Fuentes, Tucker Carlson, CNN, Joe Rogan, IRL; when you watch any social media influencer of any status, always keep in your mind the concept of IIA Operations—limited release, or, limited hangouts, controlled release, information suppression, narrative containment, redirection and misdirection of information into meaningless, manufactured, online issues, arguments and circular dead ends that exhaust and confuse.

The aim is to never allow diverse and meaningful information to become direct, meaningful and impactful political power that may create political movements at the grassroots level; that may have concrete effects in the pubic domain.

In layman’s terms, IIA is an online psyop tactic to create interactions and discourse that never go anywhere, in order to never foment an effort at the grassroots level, online.

The same is apparent in this documentary and it is even more sinister, too, in that it is designed to label us and many others as “conspiracy theorists” and associate us with words that already have a bad smell.

Take for instance, in the documentary, it is primarily women and boomers (Trumpanzees), led by a ]ew, Steve Kirsch, discussing and committing these fallacious arguments and points mentioned earlier. Those who subscribe to what is being said in the documentary are not content with, “I DO NOT KNOW. LET’S FIND OUT”, and are quickly being labeled and dismissed as kooks, which, for the most part, these boomers are! These are the same people who will tell you about the latest Q-Tard conspiracy and that “Jesus anointed Trump”, while ignoring the fact that Trump deemed himself the “Father of the Vaccine”. Again, this is the stupidity of women and boomers.

For fuck sake, there’s a Q-Tard Trumpanzee woman claiming that the Galactic Federation aliens told her Trump will become president once more. These are the kinds of people this documentary appeals to. Do not let this be you. Remain rational and yield to doubt and never, ever feel bad about admitting that you do not know.

So, let’s for a moment disregard the fact that the documentary features a man with blood clots all over his leg, head and jaw and the documentary makers failed to highlight whether he was vaccinated or not, or the part where they pulled a fiber out and then a moment later, blood comically sprayed out, then the clip immediately ended, (seemed too goofy to be real and looked like some Hollywood B-movie tier shit) (I’m not even a vaxx shill, but come on!) and focus on Occam’s Razor questions.

Firstly, why would the elites go through such lengths to depopulate via a doom vaxx when there are so many other simpler and undetectable ways to do this sort of thing? Why are boomers so fucking retarded? I am not denying that there is a real depopulation agenda underway, but, to attribute this to the vaxx is almost absurd and superfluous. I am not saying that others should take the vaxx and those who did aren’t fucking retards, either. I am saying, there is no smoking gun that the vaxx is the cause of the clots or the sudden deaths and none of these retards can prove it either.

Secondly, if people are actually dying from the vaccine, then why are Democrats still winning elections even though they disproportionately took the vaccine over Republicans? Okay, I meant this one as a joke. Come on a little levity, huh?

Moving on. Why is it when you point out to people that there is no evidence that the vaccines are causing these deaths, or clots etc., they then point you to “research” that continues to require one to make leaps in logic and of faith? None of the articles or “research” used, do not conclusively prove deaths are related to the vaccines. They also express other concerns about the studies cited, such as, how small the sample sizes are and the fact that its authors were not named. The studies also note that its data is “preliminary, based on surveillance data, and should be interpreted with caution.” The documentary acts in the same vein.

The ]ew, Steve Kirsch, the main “expert” in the “documentary,” has been proven wrong, multiple times.

He claimed 12 million people died from COVID-19 vaccines. Where are the bodies? You couldn’t hide this even from the most ardent and critical skeptic. 6 million times 2!

Also, this whole fucking shitshow is funded by Mike Lindell. The same “My Pillow”, Trumpanzee, Mike Lindell, currently being sued for a billion dollars for defamation, because of his election fraud grift. Even if you truly believed vaccines were going to kill five billion vaccinated people (they won’t), this documentary is a poisoned fruit.

I mentioned in my Vaxx Conversation, “Yes, it is a very small percentage of people who are having adverse effects from taking the vaxx, however, there is no liability clause on part of the pharmaceutical companies, were there to be any hazardous outcomes.” This still remains true; it is only a small percentage of people dying and having adverse effects and this was always to be expected and is the case with any vaccines in the past.

What is the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19? COVID-19 is estimated to cause myocarditis at a rate of approximately 30-32 excess cases per
million. In males aged 16-40 years, it is uncertain whether the risk following COVID-19 remains higher than the risk following vaccination. Post COVID-19 condition (“long COVID”) is also
associated with several cardiovascular complications.

Again, I am not shilling for the vaxx and I have made my position clear on the covid 19 bullshit; that it is a hoax and people who took the vaxx without knowing what’s in it and because the goverment told them to are fucking idiots and probably deserve what they get IF the vaxx is indeed responsible. However, there is no smoking gun evidence that the vaxx is actually killing people or causing much of what many are going crazy about and to surmise that it is, is just as dangerous and propaganda driven like the covid hoax. I’m not a shill. My information is not as carefully curated or backed by billions of dollars of government and drug company propaganda and this is why I urge people to think!

Are the vaccines responsible for “all these deaths”? Possibly, but, there is no evidence to support this claim and such a conclusion requires leaps in logic and of faith and one has to first determine and establish that there is actually “all these deaths” and not take the word of lunatics whose new foci is on people dying, because something else is going on and they need to legitimize their skepticism. It is no different to recognizing cars on the road that are like yours. As a pure blood, I don’t really give a fuck and I can certainly take this position, because, I know and have pointed out that majority of people are fucking stupid. What you are seeing is a bunch of morons exhibiting buyer’s remorse; morons who didn’t listen and are now scrambling, wishing there was a refund. Then there are those people who warned their retarded family members and are noticing that the vaccines give negative ‘protection’ after a few months, but, also that they destroy the protection that should have been provided by natural immunity and are hitting the highways with their suspicions. This is actually confirmed to be true. See the link here. Still, there is no smoking-gun, convincing evidence for what is mentioned in the documentary. .

Many of you reading are probably going, “If you think tens of thousands of incidents like this were common prior to the jab, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.” Well, can you first provide links and data to at least 100 or more such incidents that demonstrate, without a shadow of doubt, that the vaccines are responsible? The data used to support the claims of the “the vaccines are causing blood clots and sudden deaths” gang is certainly concerning, but, not convincing or conclusive enough to offset what’s on the other side, which happens to be money, credentialism and far more superior propaganda methods. Without anything convincing and conclusive, the efforts of this gang only plays into the propaganda of the other side—politicize a “health issue” with your opposition holding the skeptical stance, impose a vaccine mandate, allow public/private schools and businesses to restrict access, based on vaccine status and boom! You just weeded out your competition.

The safety of the vaccine shouldn’t even be a factor. If you don’t want the vaccine then don’t take it. If you do, then do take it. If you allow your government or corporations to coerce you into injecting yourself with something you don’t think you need, then you are a slave. It is that simple!

Why do these morons even need evidence. This shit smells bad from a mile away and always did and didn’t need evidence to convince me not to take it. Corporations that have been criminally fined for poisoning patients in the past, multiple times, are conveniently granted immunity from legal consequences and I’m supposed to believe their “brand new product” to “help against a disease” that isn’t even dangerous in the first place, is a good idea?

These are the choices and have always been our choices:

1. Don’t take the vaccine. Maybe you get “the virus!” Maybe you get adverse effects from the disease’ spike proteins, or, maybe you stay a pure blood and nothing happens.
2. You take the vaccine and 100% get spike proteins in your system and maybe you experience adverse effects from the spike proteins and maybe you contact the disease anyway.

Easy choice. Yet, majority of people failed at this IQ test.

What most have discounted are the simplest of explanations—MONEY and a continuity of governmental control. For the past 2 decades the 10% of the population who did not participate in the madness of all the psyops that were waged against us, were able to wake up a few people, enough to create a turning of the tide against the ruling elites. This had to be stopped and things had to be changed and so, there was the plandemic hoax psyop. Many will claim that what transpired over the last 2 years woke up many, but, this is the farthest thing from the truth and a gross underestimating of the gullibility of the masses. Were any of this true, there wouldn’t be midterm elections where absolute fucking morons are wilfully engaging in a ritual that is designed to make them feel as though they are in control and affect change; sanctioning their own slavery.

Need I remind you guys about the “lock down games” as many put it; it did not disrupt the comforts of majority of people. It actually worked in tandem with the desires of most, which was to be away from poor working conditions, the ability to work from home and control your own hours and many other things that enhanced the comforts of those who did work from home. Again, this was another part of the psyop that most people fall for EVERY SINGLE TIME. I can expound on this further, but, to keep it brief, as I’ve discussed in another article months ago, it is exactly what occurs at Christmas time and other world events and sporting events, where the entire planet is tuned in to the same things and there is a unison and solidarity. This is what makes a thing “special” to the human mind. The powers that be understand this and used it to their advantage, knowing there wouldn’t be any backlash and many didn’t put up a fight and succumbed to the bystander effect, because their comforts were NOT disrupted and many were bailed out of their responsibilities, disregarding the economic impact such actions would have in the long run. We are living in the consequences of such decisions today. The governments are in control and they understand well how to successfully do it and they, as well as corporations, made lots of money from it all.

In the end, I have nothing invested in this particular documentary, other than to get people to comprehend the propaganda inherent. I think the claims made by the embalmers are interesting and would like to see them investigated in a proper manner, instead of just random anecdotes. The shots are a population control operation in one way or another and all the rich elites, the neo-Malthusianists who actually believe in their apocalyptic death cult bullshit are pushing it. They genuinely think they are doing “the right thing” by reducing the population with their Great Reset. The sad part is it is working, because majority of people are fucking retarded. Realistically, no side is going to convince the other and what we can say for sure is that a huge portion of the population is retarded and most normies were given an improperly tested and studied experimental drug. That’s as far as I go, because it is a big enough scandal for a lifetime for me, without any extra trimmings.