Say it ain’t so! No way! You’ve gotta be kidding! I never saw that coming. This is an all-time low. I just cannot believe it.

Can you imagine that there are actual people who are so stupid, that they truly believe Elon Musk is on their side. Whatever the fuck that means. Deja vu. Deja vu just hit me as I was writing that sentence. It feels like I’ve written it before. Did I ever mention how dumb people are? Check! Did I mention how dumb people are that they trust billionaires? Check! How about, they think these billionaires have their interest at heart. Check check check!!!


There’s more!

This is next level shit. Remember when they said Right Wingers behaved like babies when they got banned on Twitter? Well, these snowflakes are about to chimp the fuck out on Tesla locations.

Banning faggots, pedos and weirdos was apparently a bridge too far. Musk seems to be getting rid of anything tied to CP. For some strange reason, this snagged a lot of Antifa accounts. I wonder how the media will spin this to make these queers look like heroes.

Apparently, before Musk’s takeover, CP linked hashtags were all over the place. It doesn’t take long to look up the hashtags, hit one of the links and get sent to someone’s account with links to CP. Now that Elon is getting rid of such material, alot of accounts are getting snagged. In a weird coincidence, a significant amount of these are Antifa linked accounts.

I personally don’t think anything worth losing sleep over is going to happen, because, these blue-haired, ectomorph types are complete faggots and furries.

Meanwhile the Associated Press ran a piece citing so-called online safety experts claiming that free speech on Twitter will result in a rise of “misinformation.” They didn’t get the memo that Elon Musk is certainly not about Free Speech, but, granting special privileges to those who weren’t allowed political expression during the Trump presidency. At the same time, banning free speech about ]ews.

This is really an unbelievable claim for the AP to push after they just published fake news about the Russians firing missiles into Poland. That fake news report could have sparked a third world war, but, they are so transfixed on spreading propaganda and lies.

Free speech reduces the possibility of fake news and misinformation from being spread, because, it allows lies to be openly challenged. All the online censorship we saw over the past several years made it possible to spread unlimited numbers of hoaxes and lies.

All of this is just insane.