Kanye West, “the ]ew-namer”, kike-splainer and rat-hair-raiser, walked off the gayest show in alternative media — the Tim Pool podcast.

Yes Tim. Please elaborate? Who is “they”? Who is (((they))) who you, yourself say, did terrible things to Kanye? You bald, beanie baby faggot.

Tim: “You asked my opinion.”
Kanye West: “No i didn’t. I don’t care about your opinion.” Tim eternally shrunk inside as his butt hole puckered up to the size of a decimal point.

I’ve never watched Tim Pool’s show, but, I’ve seen clips of him and clips of this interview circulating and I have to say, Tim is a raging faggot, but, Kanye needs to learn how to back up his arguments and not be a massive spaz. However, if you expected any different from him, then you’re the idiot.

I was at least hoping for some shit to get stirred and something more interesting or fun to develop, but, it wasn’t even that.

Still, Kanye won. You could see it on Kanye’s face that he just realized how fucking lame this beanie wearing faggot is in real time. He was waiting for any excuse to leave. I don’t blame him and I can’t think of a single person who will not vote for him after today, because, that’s what this is about you know? Kanye plans on running for prez come 2024. That’s why he teamed up with manlet Nick Fuentes and the manlet squad, AMERICA FIRST. Not just because Kanye himself is a manlet, folks. This is a lot more than manlet solidarity.

Kanye, the faggot Mexican man child savior of the White race, Nick Fuentes and the other faggot… what’s his face? Um… Milo Faganopolos, have teamed up to make a run for the 2024 presidential race. Kanye West and Nick Fuentes also had a dinner meeting with Donald Trump. True Story.

Well, that’s what the vermin had to say. You know what they aren’t calling Fuentes? A liar.

All they can do is resort to calling him names. If he’s so wrong about his beliefs, why was the ]ew Ben Shapiro so scared to debate him?

Kanye posted a series of tweets and retweets getting into the details of the meeting he and Nick Fuentes had with Donald Trump. The posts have resulted in #YE24 trending on Twitter.

In this first post, Kanye said that Trump was impressed with Nick Fuentes and that he asked Trump to be his Vice President which apparently angered Trump. Ye questioned Trump on why he didn’t free the J6 people and said that he should bring back people like Corey Lewandowski and other people who were cancelled or blacklisted for supporting him. He shrugged it off, but, he pardoned the ]ew spy, Pollard. Kanye also said that Trump called his ex-wife Kim Kardashian some type of whore, which she is.

It is worth noting that Trump has refused to disavow or condemn Fuentes after the dinner meeting. He just said that he ate dinner with Ye and that he had some people with him who he did not know.

There’s an Axios report describing the meeting that Fuentes has apparently confirmed to be an accurate description of what took place.

From the gist of it, it sounded as if Fuentes told Trump that he had lost his way and that he and other right-wing dissidents wouldn’t support him unless he changed course.

Yet, as you know, this is all a grift and a psyop.

Kanye is a shitshow. Nick Fuentes is a shitshow. Milo is a shitshow.
This entire thing is a shitshow

Nevertheless, this week is an opportunity of a lifetime to…


about ]ews!

Moving on. Kanye just tweeted to his over 32 million Twitter followers that the ]ew, Ben Shapiro, was paid $100,000 from Ron DeSantis and that Shapiro started trashing him after taking that money.

Shapiro would have trashed Ye any way because he’s a ]ew and it’s just what ]ews do.

This is all very interesting because, many are supporting a rambling, mentally ill schizo, who ]ews took advantage of.

I am very much looking forward to seeing where this goes, but, rest assured it is indeed a grift and a psyop.

Happy holidays, readers!