I know, right!?

Imagine being so fucking gay that a man wakes up and the first thing he does in the morning is take a selfie with another man in it. What’s worse, the other man is not even aware of it. That is some faggot shit.

You can claim all you want that he’s star struck, but, this comes off as pretty homosexual and effeminate. You see, this is the problem with Zoomers. They act like fucking groupies about EVERYTHING! Just like women. They are literally a chimera of all the terrible and frowned upon things of previous generations. Extremely feminized. “Time for a selfie!”

Nick Fuentes is a fucking weird, queer little dude. He’s probably the type to sniff your underwear and fondle your feet while you sleep and you’ll be laying there pretending not to notice, in your mind going, “What the fuck is going, here!?!?!?”

Why is Kanye West doing sleep overs with this homosexual manlet? It’s not that I care about these characters at all; I care about them in so much as many people are falling for another psyop and as I’ve stated several times, I’m only interested in pointing out that psyop and explaining why its a psyop.

For instance, majority of people are truly fucking retarded and the first thing that should be known and obvious to them is that Nick and Milo are FEDS. Secondly, Kanye is in the media that is ran and controlled by the people he is supposedly ousting—]ews. He’s calling out ]ewish power while peddling his presidential candidacy. This is both amusing and ridiculous, because, this entire nation, right up to its executive branch, is ]ew’d and no one gets into that office unless they perform mock fellatio at the wailing wall.

See how fucking retarded all these morons are?

The ]ewish media is still covering him. If they wanted to get rid of him, all they have to do is not cover him. It is similar to Alex Jones, Trump and any other controlled opposition personality you can think of. Yet, many are opining that he is indeed genuine and organic and the ]ewish controlled media is covering him, because “he’s Ye, bro. He’s a celebrity, of course they’ll cover him.” A difficult point to argue against, indeed, because, it is true and a great argument. Afterall, all that matters is sending a message and once that message gets out that’s it, but, I understand how ]ewish tricks function. Let’s dive in.

What we’re dealing with here is the age old ]ewish cultural shift psyop that is constructed and regulated by the same people who live off of fabricated oppression. They actually believe that non-]ews despise them and that the hate they have for ]ews is a natural law of nature. They need this “hate”. They love it and fantasize about it. They are born and nurtured into believing this in order to survive. I have repeatedly said, ]udaism or ]ewishness is feminine and, like women, they play the victim EVERY SINGLE TIME. They then moral-fag and guilt trip those who they claim “hate” them, appealing to whatever current ethos they find themselves in, seeking to change the moral landscape to suit and benefit them (crying out in pain as they stab you). This is how they have survived for thousands of years. Psyop after psyop, they have managed the narrative. Consistently. When disdain is expressed about their shrewd and deceitful ways, they use this to further their causes. As it pertains to rulers and personalities, they seek to create the Haman model—the scapegoat for their “persecution” and justification for their hate for the goyim. This was every leader, from Rome, to Spain, France, and just about every country they were expelled from. Pogroms, toleranz patents, right up to Hitler. These leaders and events symbolize the Haman character—controlled opposition—to “fulfill prophecy”. Some real degenerate psycho shit.

What I just summarized is above the pay grade of many. This is especially so for Christrannies, who prefer we cease recognizing patterns. To them, Kanye isn’t controlled-opposition. He is a “based” black man and will “save the day”. There is no Hegelian dialectic nor ]ewish mitosis contained here, you insane conspiracy theorist. And this brings us to a grave human issue.

The outsourcing of one’s agency is one of the principal issues we suffer in civilization for ease and convenience. Instead of accepting responsibility and addressing our affairs ourselves, we hand over power and accountability to others we assume to be more efficient that we. This is how we make “leaders” (rulers), Nationalist Socialists, “Democratic Republics” and diverse forms of statism. It arises from Christianity, one of the latest iterations of Feminine Values (slave morality, ressentiment and asceticism). Kanye is another iteration of the Haman figure. As for the ]ews, anyone against them is Haman, but his role is very complex.

It has been established that Milo and Nick, the faggot manlet, went to Trump’s dinner with Kanye to ruin his presidential chances and were successful!

Kanye is to appeal to
the black and minority voters and draw them away from the Democrats, which will
work, but the ]ews still prevail, because, they dominate politics in the
United States and will exploit this transformation to invoke further pogroms
and another “holohoax”.

Why is this complex for Zoomers to understand? As pointed out before, Zoomers are a breed that is obsessed with whatever is stupid. They are a generation reared by women and have never much been to a library! They truly are know-nothings and I am not being hyperbolic.

As of today, Trump’s chances are over and he’s been restless running damage control, but this may turn, there may be an “unforeseen” turn of events where both Trump and Kanye West may get on the presidential ticket in 2024.

This is conceivable, because both are controlled opposition and now, it is Kanye’s time to suffer through the ]ewish “hazing ritual”. I don’t know, but it’s obvious. No different to world “leaders” having blackened eyes. He has to convince his ]ewish, Zionist handlers that he has what it takes to stay the course, while, fulfilling the role of Haman. “You crave to share in our fantastic power and wisdom? Will you act a fool and run for president?”

The last paragraph will go over the heads of many (not you fine, ardent readers of the blog) and many will dissent, because they see the need to devote themselves to strangers they believe are impressive and more capable than themselves. Similar to the belief in an idol. This is weakness and fragility, and I don’t shy away from discussing it. If people want to think and believe that I am a glowie for not sharing in their delusions and their faith in and support for political idols and giving a fuck about milquetoast political commentators and celebrity personalities, so be it. I am not here to make friends, nor am I running a popularity contest. With that, I leave you this very important quote to me:

You have no enemies, you say?
Alas! my friend, the boast is poor;
He who has mingled in the fray
Of duty, that the brave endure,
Must have made foes! If you have none,
Small is the work that you have done.
You’ve hit no traitor on the hip,
You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip,
You’ve never turned the wrong to right,
You’ve been a coward in the fight.