The entire planet has been in a frenzy this week, since the Kanye West interview on Alex Jones’ show. Many are unaware this performance by Kanye West and Nick Fuentes is a psyop. The interview prompted Brandon to tweet.

This was followed by many tweets from other figureheads, such as the Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Herzog, who issued official statements condemning them.

He claimed that their speech could lead to Jews dying.

He then said, no society may criticize Jews.

The official statement was him saying that people may not criticize Jews.

The official proclamations of the Israeli Ambassador to the US illustrate how rattled they were. Say what you will, but the characters around Kanye are accomplishing something desirable, if they’re making the Israeli authorities decry them.

The Jewish, manlet twerp, Ben Shapiro, has insinuated that Kanye may be suicided. This would not surprise me one bit. The Mossad and Jews are well known for carrying out assassinations of people who speak the truth about them.

As I have explained before, Jews live off of “persecution”. It has been a tactic for their continuity. They live off of “anti-Semitism”, a term used to describe and detract from any criticism they receive. Especially those that are right. The current narrative says Jews are in danger. So says the ADL. This chicanery will be useful in fomenting another Holocaust. Kanye, by supporting Hitler and claiming him to have been an admirable person, has become the embodiment of Hitler and Nazis in 2022.

How will this unfold? The Jewish MSM will use him to make others fall for the psyop. His usefulness will bear fruit when Jews in America are panicked enough to leave the USA for the New Jerusalem—Ukraine. Milo, Nick and Laura Loomer are working on their own psyop that is connected to this one, and that is a Jewish Judeo-Christian movement—the age old, “Christian anti-Semitism” that saw the expulsion of Jews 109 times. The psyop will be used by Jews. The actions of Kanye West and everyone involved will only create “blasphemy laws” and show the supposed dangers of free speech. Censorship in America will become stricter for criticizing the “chosen ones”.

The ADL remains among the only uncensored participants on Twitter. They are part of the “Keep It Safe”, Trust and Safety Council on Twitter after Twitter partnered with them to fight online hate. It is suspected that this panel prompted Elon Musk to ban Kanye West from Twitter yesterday. Kanye posted an image of the Israeli Raelian Movement.

Kanye is telling the public something. Elon does not want them to know. You will learn a few things if you research the symbol. You will understand why it is being labeled a “hate symbol”—a swastika inside the star of Remphan. Raelism is the doctrine of a Jewish UFO sex cult. This cult awarded Elon Musk for his Star Link projects and now Neura-Link.

While Musk has improved things on Twitter for some, his commitment to free speech remains in question. There was no reason for Kanye to be banned.

Still, things will worsen to its ultimate climax. Do not be surprised at the outcomes.