Kanye West really did it this time! Thanks to him, what was expected to happen is happening. “Blasphemy” laws—laws against “antisemitism” (please pay attention to the scare quotation marks) will be passed. The final attack on freedom of speech is underway.

The Jews are going to hold some circle jerk roundtable with the White House to discuss rising anti-Semitism.

Yes, you think it’s absurd, but it was expected. I’m not surprised, because this is not the first time nor the 10th time Jews have done this. They always do it. They have been successful throughout many countries, presently and in the past. America, I believe, is the only nation on earth, where one cannot be jailed for criticizing and speaking the truth about Jews. Jews want to make it possible.

This powerful group of Jews who have control over the most important organizations and institutions in the West, want to hold a roundtable to complain about how people are saying mean” things about them.

This does not help advance the conversation. It’s just another exercise of Jewish whining. If they wanted this to be a real roundtable, they’d invite the people who they claim are anti-Semites for an honest and open discussion. They are not going to do that, because they do not want this discussion to happen.

To illustrate this point, would the manlet, weasel Jew, Ben Shapiro, debate the manlet, Mexican child- leader of the white race, Nick Fuentes?

What is really needed is a roundtable discussion of the hatred and abuse Jews have directed towards non-Jews and in particular, WHITE people. The only reason people are saying negative things about Jews is because of their immoral and evil behavior, throughout human history.

I mean, what are people supposed to say when a fat Jew like Ethan Klein talks about how he’s going to perform a mock execution of Jesus Christ on Christmas? For Christranny retards, that is one of the most hateful and disrespectful things one could do.

How about the Jew-run crypto exchange of FTX? Are people supposed to sit back and say nothing, do nothing, about this Jew money scammer, Sam Bankman-Fried? Albeit, personal responsibility ought to be accounted for, would the gentiles not be enraged at the sheer audacity of Jews?

These are just the two most recent examples of the appalling behavior of Jews that come to mind. Things are going to escalate, folks and I hope you can finally see what the purpose of Kanye West’s shenanigans were all about.

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