It would not be Jewish if Jews did not do this. It would be out of character for them.

The Jew vermin, Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League, made an appearance on the black radio show The Breakfast Club. He was asked by Charlemagne tha God if taking all of Ye’s wealth and destroying his business deals didn’t prove Ye’s point about Jews. Greenblatt responded by saying that they have to “get him.”

Translation: “If we don’t get Kanye West, the truth about Jewish power that we rats would like to claim is a myth, will spread.”

Make no mistake about it, readers, this is surely going to happen. 1A will be uprooted in our lifetimes and nothing will be done about it? Let me quickly illustrate.

The following occurred this week:

Ameritards with a serious face, will tell you that we live in a civilized society. When these “Blasphemy Laws” are passed and enacted, you will then see what a ZOGBot truly is. All you retards who back the blue and deep throat the boot, will learn what I and many others have warned about police. They are retarded ZOGBots who will uphold bad laws and the average goy will do absolutely nothing about it.

Greenblatt has effectively admitted that Jews have the power to destroy the richest black man in America for simply talking about how the Jews have the power to do destroy him anyone else. The Jew did this on a show dedicated to a black audience How does he think this looks to the average black who is watching this? He doesn’t care!

The Jew made all sorts of bizarre statements on the show telling blacks how oppressed he is, despite being a very privileged Jew. He then followed up by telling blacks that blacks have shared values with Jews.

It does not matter how ridiculous all of this is. What matters most is the optics—Jews reached out to the black community to build solidarity against antisemitism—to destroy a black man.

Blacks are controlled by Jews and we can only hope that they are rebellious enough to bite the hand that feeds them as Kanye did. I have my doubts, despite the obstreperous nature of blacks, and have consistently explained why throughout my articles. My position is not difficult to piece together and to the dismay of many, I will be right, each and every single time.

Do not be surprised at what is to come in the following weeks and months. It is all by design and will worsen. It has to!