Millions of people were banned from social media, viciously attacked physically and verbally, fired from their jobs and ostracized from their social circles for trying to warn people about the potentially fake vaccine shots. Now, the FDA is admitting that the mystery juice—the COVID-19 injections—are in fact, linked to blood clotting. They are claiming to being “misled” by the pharmaceutical companies. This is hilarious, but it is too little, too late. Millions of people have already taken these potentially deadly products.

Misled huh? Stop for a moment and use your noodle. How is it I and many others who don’t work in the medical industry saw that taking this mystery juice was a bad idea? How is it that it was blatantly obvious for some, that having an unknown substance injected into your body, would potentially be disastrous? This has to be either a case of gross corruption, gross stupidity or perhaps a combination of both.

There’s also this.

These government bureaucrats are trying to deflect blame and shirk responsibility of the vaxx being potentially dangerous.

Now, it is important that I explain why I say “potentially”. None of what is being reported means the mystery juice is causing blood clots and deaths. It is still hearsay and relying on what the media says to shape our perceptions of what’s real and legitimate. There is a psyop surrounding the vaxx and all media platform—mainstream and alternative—are in on it. They are controlled by the very same people who started “the virus!” hoax in 2020 and it is alarming to see anti-vaxxers show themselves to be just as gullible as the vaxxtards.

The problem with morons pushing “the vaxx is causing clots” and the “vaxx die off” is that there is no empiricism—no one can confirm these things to be occurring—NO ONE can replicate these findings spoken of in the media—and we have to “trust the science”, once again. Anti-vaxxers are no different to the vaxxtards in this regard. Take this report for example:

You have got to read this article!

Compare it with the first report mentioned in this article. It is quite conflicting and contradicting, right? This is because both articles are designed to captivate audiences on both sides of the spectrum. Why? Simply to keep you and everyone else who reside on either side of the spectrum, doubting, confused and divided. How does this work? By creating so much tension and uncertainty that no real discussion can be had and no real concerted efforts can be birthed out of like-mindedness. If and when they do, opposing sides will combat each other and in the end, neither will win out, except for the real culprits—the governments around the world! These opposing factions often fizzle out, quickly, too, never gaining serious momentum.

I know a lot of anti-vaxxers will read this and disagree and this is because they’re fucking stupid.

I’m sorry to insult my audience, but I’m trying to make a very serious point. As an anti-vaxxer, you may claim to be a rationalist by “putting two and two together”, but doing so only proves your fallacy—you ignore all other possibilities. My position is and has always been that all of this is possible, but I cannot confirm it, nor replicate it and I don’t need to. Me being a bona-fide rationalist and empiricist, saw that there was the use of force by all governments on the planet. Differing opinions were castigated and censored and every single politician were in lockstep with an agenda. As a rationalist, putting these elements together was sufficient to avoid the mystery juice and I don’t need to rely on illustrious claims I cannot prove, nor will be able to prove. Neither, will I rely on faith or leaps in logic.

The fear porn the anti-vaxxers employ may work for some. It isn’t without its uses. But, it comes at a price—becoming part of a psyop that works against you by labeling you a kook—thereby perpetuating the division and continuity of government control. Succinctly put, you being absorbed into this psyop is the bedrock for tyranny, for it makes you the reason government needs to intervene and “keep others safe” from recalcitrants. We have seen this over and over again and you need to realize that your stupidity makes you a useful idiot.

With regards to both articles, this is where I stand: I do not trust anyone nor anything that I cannot confirm myself. It was enough that these fucks were forcing the mystery juice. I didn’t need all the elaborate, nonsensical doom theories.

Shut the fuck up anti-vaxxtard. You don’t need to go so far with it, especially when you have no proof of your claims and are relying on what others are telling you. I know what you’re saying to yourself: “Yeah, your approach is just as retarded as someone who believes everything, uncritically.” NO! It is not and it isn’t simply because we’re dealing with negative reinforcement—we are dealing with GOVERNMENTS! Government is the single most dangerous and sinister group, or thing that is responsible for the most deaths in human history and it manages this death count through lies, lies, lies and more lies. This fact is empirical and it is what most fail to realize. Governments are made up of people who continuously lie, in order to maintain dominance and control over those who willfully allow themselves to be deceived.

The psyop remains and there is still no evidence that a novel virus exists and the vaxx is killing people and causing blood clots. It may be, but there just isn’t any proof anyone can replicate as empirical. Yes, that includes what the FDA says, even if it is merely to distance themselves from a expected eventuation. There will be no amnesty for these people. They are criminals.

As for the mystery juice; I wouldn’t take it and wouldn’t advise anyone to take it, either. Those who did, poor them, but I don’t need bullshit death stories to justify why I wouldn’t take it. Again, mere fact that all governments were forcing it, was enough.