Instead of rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party hop, Donald Trump, the former surprise president of the United States, spent his first days of Christmas kissing up to Jews. Grab your vomit bag, folks, because this one is beyond nauseating.

Yeah, that’s your president, you retarded Trumpanzee. That’s the guy the average boomertard thinks is going to swoop in and save the day. Trust the plan!

Make Israel Great Again project

Who said boomers were intelligent, anyway? Not me. I have a good track record of pointing out how sickening and cringe they are. Check the archives.

By now, you shouldn’t be surprised about Zion Don kissing the ass of Jews and claiming, “I believe I’m the best ally you’ve ever had”. He bleeted this at the Torah U’Mesorah conference in Florida, yesterday morning. When he’s not diligently groveling like the Shabbos, Noahide goy that he is, he’s busy fighting for gay rights.

Gosh, what a swell guy! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit, doesn’t it? With candy canes right up your ass. More like the spirit of Hanukkah, with his balls being used as dreidels. You can’t blame the guy, though. The Jews have him bent over the barrel and are seeking to totally destroy him. Sorry for any unpleasant imageries. Yep, that’s right! The Jew-led January 6 committee is considering asking the DOJ to pursue at least two criminal charges against him.

They are going to make matzah balls out of his ass and serve him up for Purim. After all, they did bail him out of his bankruptcy. They own him! Always have.