What are they really after? What are they trying to achieve? Our Freedoms! That’s getting straight to the point. This is what we do here on this blog site.

If you are not new to this site, then you are aware of the narrative surrounding what’s going on on the West. Specifically America. Jews are seeking to curtail, then destroy freedom of speech. This occurred at Stanford University.

Cultural shifts, such as censorship and others we are familiar with, begins at the ivy league level, folks. I have first hand knowledge of this. Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and the likes. These lies and manufactured sentiments trickle down to the Jewish run and controlled mainstream media. For example, the New York Times is slammed over swastika crossword on the first day of Hanukkah: “Disgusting” Trump Jr. bellowed on Twitter.

It is important for you readers to comprehend that there are no organic, goyim movements. Americans are not fighting back, or resisting. They are all co-opted by Jews—Mossad spies and collaborating intelligence agencies. This is just our reality. You can doubt it all you want, but you’ll never be right about it. I can agree with you that it isn’t so, but then we’ll both be wrong and that is of no use. Do not take my word for it; do you own research. It’s just the nature of things. The people you witness online “speaking out” are only just that—people tongue wagging and nothing more. In addition, even these same people are controlled opposition. For instance, the FBI handed nearly $3.5 million of taxpayers’ monies to Twitter in order for the social media giant to continue to do its bidding. That included and not limited to spreading fake news, censoring and censuring opinions it did not approve of.

It is useless getting into the details, even though, this is what majority of people love to do. What matters is the big picture and that is freedom of speech is under attack. Arguably, it does not exist in America and day by day, we are reminded.

We’ve already seen our Freedoms trampled upon when it came to this:

Soon, it’ll be verboten to speak of this:

I dare you to criticize this: