From a fellow-goy standpoint, I bid you all a Happy New Year. We are still alive and we should do the most we can while we are. This means being aware that everything that comes out of the media is a psyop that you should ignore. For the new year, this is the outlook we ought to embrace. However, we can expect more crazy shit to happen and we should not be surprised, but mentally prepare ourselves.

Many readers have noticed that I haven’t been writing as much and have wondered why. They even complained and some offered topics for me to speak on. My position remains steadfast: once you’ve come to realize that absolutely nothing in the media is true and all a psyop, it is easier to live out a comfortable and peaceful existence. There is truth in the adage “ignorance is bliss”, but I am not promoting ignorance, but awareness. My resolve has been for some time that I have written enough about how the real world works and through my articles, have provided a blueprint. There isn’t much to discuss anymore, unless a psyop has taken hold and is being permeated. Then and only then do I write to offer a different perspective.

I am aware of the psyop surrounding Andrew Tate and always knew he was. The blueprint I provided tells you that none of these internet media personalities are organic. They simply aren’t. His brand of psyop is multifaceted. It is intended to suppress resistance of the greatest psyop that infects human existence—women and gynocentrism. This psyop is the fountainhead of all other psyops, such as religion, god, government, the Jewish Question and so on. Has he gone rogue? Perhaps, but it doesn’t matter, because he has singlehandedly dismantled all credibility and legitimacy men had against the women problem that has plagued human existence since its inception. Was he sincere? I highly doubt it. He, like many other celebrity personalities and politicians, merely say the things that men are all instinctively aware of and spitefully comes off as extreme and “dangerous to the establishment”. His supposed rebellion was intended to put a figurative yellow star of Remphan on men who see women for what they truly are—parasites. Once again, shock value is important for a psyop like this to be effective and I will explain why, later.

I am aware and understand the psyop with the disgusting Jew, Bankman-Fried. He will not be penalized nor held accountable, especially not by the same people he funded and helped attain power and control. He will not be Epsteined, either. What is going to come of this is more government control via an offering of an alternative money system—CBDCs. These will be slipstreamed into our normal, everyday lives through the guise of providing convenience and safety. After all, it will supposedly alleviate the ongoing inflation crisis, despite all our monies being siphoned off to Ukraine to fund a fake war. Many will accept and go along with it, ignoring the fact that its implementation will curtail Freedoms, especially privacy. Once again, shock value was necessary.

As above average thinkers, we must come to terms with why psyops like the ones mentioned, actually work. It is quite simple and I have touched on the reason several times. Succinctly, the average person is stupid. Stupid, gullible and in dire need of dopaminergic stimulation and responses from “knowing” and “being a part of” something. Like Christmas. At Christmas time, it is expected that everyone is on the same beat, doing the same things—in the Christmas Spirit. Feelgood-ism is a feminine value that happens to be a fundament of human culture and is widely pervasive in the West. Infinite happiness is sought after and the pursuit of it is promoted. This is, too, exploited by entertainment—bread and circus—and our political system exacts the same dopaminergic, feel-good-ism responses in our brains. Conversely, there is fear of which the shock value exploits. Ironically, our brains are unable to discern and determine the differences between good happenings and bad happenings in the media, thereby evoking the same rushes and this is how the media is able to hijack our thinking and behaviors. Many people—stupid people—get totally immersed and believe what is told and shown in the media. They then internalize it and make it a part of their lives and identities. A little bit of shock value is necessary to perpetuate the desire for infinite happiness and has the same dopaminergic highs is induced. It is what makes most people easy to control.

This year, 2023, there will be more psyops. Ones that will continue to make us question our existence and the veracity of things taught to us. The best way to deal with these psyops is to yield to doubt. That’s simply put, but you must never believe anything that you yourself cannot confirm. It may sound stupid, but there is so much logic in this when the intentions and outcomes are evaluated. You will hear all manners of things coming out of the media. Do not trust, nor believe them, because you cannot confirm the veracity yourself. Furthermore, 90% of what is reported in the media does not have an immediate impact on your personal life. They only have an impact or potential reach when you give into the propaganda, force and coercion is implemented and the retards you may come into contact with, are themselves duped into the psyops. Other than that, none of it matters and affects you personally. Again, the only time it does is when you allow it and when force is used against you.

To illustrate, this coming year, we should expect the climate hoax psyop to fever-pitch and be extra pervasive in the media. It will, again, be the most talked about topic and will sway the emotions and behaviors of the majority. It will only affect your aesthesia, if you allow it. It will only affect you personally when politicians, judges and corporations adjust accordingly to accommodate the hoax—force. As they did with the covid pandemic hoax and forced us to stay in doors, wear masks and distance ourselves from one another, so too, will the climate hoax be able to affect you and I. Through force and coercion. Aside from this, you ignoring the bullshit in the media and going about your life as you see fit, won’t bring you harm. It is only when force is used and your freedom is threatened.

This coming year, we should expect facial recognition technology to be implemented at every major airport. 16 to be exact!

Before this PBS News news report, we all read and heard that this would become a thing. Yet, we went about our lives. Doing so, has the average conspiri-tard believing that our inaction against this impending danger, that had not yet fomented, is what caused its fomentation. That we sat on our hands and did nothing despite being forewarned. This is absurd! How is it rational to penalize someone for something they could do? This is how the female mind works and is totally asinine. Do we kill, imprison and mete out “justice” for things that could happen? Back then, after hearing news of such a coming thing was not the time for action. The time for action is when such a thing is being forced, like now. What could have been done, anyway? Vote? Protest? Give me a fucking break! What can be done now about this digital ID, facial recognition thing, is rebellion! And it does not have to be violent. At least, not at first. Only when violence is used against us, ought we to switch tactics. Until then, what we can do is stop using these services and “services” that threaten our freedoms and violate our privacy. It is that simple, but many people are too stupid to comprehend their collective powers and will give their powers up for convenience and “safety”. It is not for the lack of not doing aforehand that we find ourselves at this stage of a Techno-Communist takeover. It is the not acting at that moment tyranny is enforced upon us. This can only be through preparedness. Being prepared for when government grants the greenlight to these corporations to carryout their implementation of dominance and control. I am advocating for taking pre-cautions. Real precautions. How one prepares and if one prepares is a personal choice, but what “must be”, “should have been” and “could have been” done, still remains unanswered. Perhaps it is time to formulate a Goyim Techno-Military Industrial Complex, because we are certainly at war and we are losing.

The best way to deal a major blow to the current Techno-Communist establishment is to opt out. We are its lifeblood. It relies on us for its sustenance. Is it any wonder why they want to replace us with robots? We can stop using their social media platforms that spy on us. We can opt out of using their monetary services and demand that we deal with only cash. We can desist from consuming their goy slop—buying the latest tech devices that track and monitor our interactions—and giving into FOMO. We can certainly stop subscribing to the filth they brainwash us with in the media. Remember, having a television in your home, is like having a Jew in your living room.

This year, turn off the Talmud-vision. Go outside and enjoy life and nature. Start a new hobby. Ignore and forget about all the propaganda that’s being pushed in the media, both mainstream and internet. The psyops are going to increase , but you don’t have to get caught up in the media matrix. Take calculated risks and remember that you can counter the attacks on your psyche by opting out of the propaganda pushed in the media. The media has enveloped our lives. It wasn’t always this way.