What a great beginning to the New Year. It has been 3 days and so far we started off with the climate change hoax and Biden’s message urging us to just, “take the doggone vax, Jack.”

Jill Biden, who is a “doctor”, said that you should take lots of vaccines including the fake COVID-19 shots. Joe mumbled in agreement, because Jill is a “doctor” and he would be out of line to disagree with his “doctor” wife.

This sounds like very reasonable health advice. Just take a fake vaccine shot that has not been proven to be effectiveand which no one has any idea what’s in it.

I’m sure these people truly care about us. They seem like honest, trustworthy folks. Plus, Joe is doing a really great job running the country. He’s like the best President the country has ever had.

The vaxx push is not going away anytime folks. I hope you’ve come to terms with that, somehow. It will never go away. Fauci says he’ll make sure of it. By force, if necessary.

You heard that disgusting piece of shit correctly. No need to replay it. Okay, maybe just a few times to make it sink in and for your friends and family members.

What? What was that? You muh’fuggaz thought I was playin’ when I been said dat shit was never goin’ away? Sheeeeit! Hubbuh muhfuggah bixnood. Ah bin know’d dat shit, cuh. Cuz I seen’t it comin’. Now here we iz. Dat bitch ass niqquh Fauci gon’ force dat shit.

Iz you gangsta? You gon’ let fugazzi ass niqqa Fauci talk dat shit? You gon’ let him taok to you like dat cuh? Sheeeit!

If dat wuz me…sheeeit…