At first I was like, “wake me up when the shooting starts, niggah. I got bills to pay.” Then, it hit me. Canadians being cucks and bowing to China? What else is new? The media is making a big deal over it to get your stupid Canadian asses riled up. To get the majority of morons among you (there are plenty) to start passing the word around that Trudeau needs to be impeached. But, what they will settle on is, “he needs to be voted out”.

After they’ve allowed their country to be sold to the Chinese, then allowed the chinks to do whatever they wanted, their “leader” gets told to FUCK OFF by his Xi overlord, in person, then runs away with piss trickling down his pants and all the average Canadian will come up with is, “we need to vote him out”.

Honestly, is there a bigger loser on this gay Earth than Trudeau? Even Anthony Birch has more balls than this fuck. Then, the Canadian normies are in a special kind of sideshow by themselves. “Let’s go vert!”

The CSIS has been screaming about the chink spies for years. It was more than likely some business people who want Trudeau gone for other reasons and just about any scandal will do.

Han Dong? Who would have guessed it was Han Dong? So, racist!

The CSIS report says AT LEAST 11 spies, which means there are more. Perhaps some of you glowboys reading this would do something worthwhile for a change, and leak the names. I might even call you “based” for doing so.

But, who the fuck am I kidding. The Chinese have their own police departments, right here on US soil. So says our glowies.

Eh, never mind that. It’s just more glowninja cold war 3.0 bullshit. There are literally spies everywhere. I’ve told you readers this, before. I’m sure there are Candian and American spies in the Chinese government, too.

Why is this news? Well it’s another PSYOP. A regime change PSYOP. Then again, Trudeau might be re-elected by chinks, trannies and women.

That’s how insane and weak the west is.

Do any of you remember the Winnipeg biolab controversy? I wonder what happened to those 2 chinese spy scientists? They just disappeared, I guess? Isn’t it weird how the snap election threw out the investigation into that issue? It’s been forgotten since. Why aren’t the conservatives bringing this up in parliament every day? Makes you wonder, right? No? I didn’t think so, anyway.

You see, when your nation does not have an official people and anyone can assume its identity, it ceases to be a nation? This is the state of present day western liberal democracy. Kumbaya, diversity, call it whatever you want, but it’s surely an idiot’s guide to: “How To Lose Your Country 101”. As more and more Chinese and Street-shitters pour into the country, you will be graced with more and more unimaginable horror.

Demographics matter, unless you’re white. We’re entering a period where western governments are being passively taken over by foreign bodies and interests, and turned against their original heritage and people; and they know if those people get wise to what’s going on, all they have to do is scare them with their Trotsky word “racism”.

The same shit is happening here in the US. “Our governments”—local, state and federal—are not ours, anymore. Yet the people don’t seem to care.

Everyone who isn’t brainwashed in the West, knows that many of the things the West believes to be their “strengths”, such as diversity, feminism and staunch religiosity, are really its weaknesses. They also know the West is far too arrogant and stupid to ever perceive these traits as weaknesses, and will double down on them no matter what.