Well, Canuckistanis. It’s been approved. It is now officially illegal to engage in “unapproved” protests.

[One moment. Time to change this site to IToldYouSo.com]

Okay, that’s done. Let’s move on.

Yeah, these fucks claim that the faggot, Trudeau, had “justified reasons to invoke The Emergencies Act“, last winter, in response to the ‘Freedom Convoy’, nonsensical, bullshit “protests”.

This means the people you morons have deemed to be above you and have authority over you, can do some incantations and cast a spell that will allow them to do certain things to you without your consent or agreement. They call those “laws”. These are made up rules that bind you and not them, because they can just make up another rule that overrules the previous rules. And so the game goes. Society.

So, goodbye Canada. It was nice knowing you before you went full on Communist, as predicted. You had the very same people who did this to you, investigate themselves, by themselves and found they were not guilty for doing what they did to you. *gasp* A job well done by the Department of Just Us.

The threat was you! You are “a threat to democracy”. The government can lock you up in your homes, force you to take mystery juices and kick in your teeth if you refuse to wear a mask. If you so much as show an ounce of resistance, they’ll freeze your bank accounts and make sure you and your loved ones starve to death. How dare you! Don’t you know that these are your “leaders”. Your “superiors”. You must like this shit. They haven’t even started force feeding you bugs yet. You’re going to let them get away with this shit? Just wait until they block out the sun and tell you that you’re using too much electricity. That day is fast approaching.

Make no mistake. I’m fully aware that this shit is making its way down south to us here in the USA and this isn’t me gloating and jeering at you Leafs. This is me pointing out what I said to you before about following women and their stupidity; it will always lead to your destruction. Uh, wha-what’s that? All you have to do is vote him out? You poor, poor retard. What don’t you comprehend about Communism?

The fact that people weren’t freaking out over the Canadian government being able to just freeze people’s financials for political dissent is insane! It tells you how bad things really are over there in Canuckistan.

If you’re interested in reading the final report around understanding how and why Rouleau ruled in this manner, you can download the pdf here.