Isn’t the title an Age of Empires 2 cheat? Quick! Check gamefaqs. Anyway. Now, I’m no shill for Putin, Biden, Hitler or any “leader” or government, but this caught my attention.

There are some people out there who will tell you that some manlet, faggot vegan with a funny-looking mustache was the epitome of evil. Yet, when you really evaluate the behaviors and actions of all these people who make up and occupy governments around the world, you start seeing the world in a different light. The truth is a lot simpler than you think it is.

They are all evil!

Try explaining this to your normie friends and family members. NPCs are just out of touch and will never be in touch.

It wouldn’t surprise me if these are real accounts, but I’m pretty sure those are just bots. Have you heard about “Team Jorge”? They came up earlier last week: “ex”-mossad agents based in Tel Aviv running huge terminals, hosting millions of bot-driven social media accounts on every social media platform, with fake IDs, fake driver’s licenses, AI generated faces, BTC and ETH wallets. They created a huge web of fake people all over the world, all led by Cambridge Analytica algorithisms.

I told you dumb asses to get off of social media. I also told you that Israel is going to become the next world super power, replacing America, having Russia and China as protectorate states, in The New Jerusalem—Ukraine.

Jews are creating an alternative reality on the web where they drive and control the political optics of many nations; steering your minds to follow their agendas, smothering dissident voices in the interim. Yet, you dumb asses are still on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, using Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Sitting around with your thumb up your asses, believing that you own an email address.

I’m sorry, you stupid moron, but you do not own an email, neither is the cloud account yours. You are literally storing personal data on someone else’s computer. Ask “Jorge” and his yeshiva pals.

Besides, social media is for dumb asses—women, Zoomers and Boomers.

Back to this gigantic faggot.

Why are communists almost always ectomorph losers? These are the kinds of sissies who we would beat up back in the good ole days, because they were always tattling.

Give me a fucking break. Remember who this little bitch is. Trudeau forced the vaccine mandates, forced many people out of work, which led to them to losing their homes and other properties. Yes, many are now homeless and he continues to gaslight Canadians with the next “happening” and the people cheer like seals.

Look at this psychopath.

Yes, women and their faggot cohorts. They are why Communism is possible, for it is a feminine construct, as I’ve explained before.

Turdeau? Well, he’s just another estrogen infused puppet, yelling at hecklers and those who criticize him.

He is nothing, but a tool. Yet, an effective tool. An actor on a stage. Not that good of an actor, but good enough. The tool does as it is told and does not act on its own accord. Being the tool that he is, he must be the face of other entities, telling their lies, and earning the ire of the populace while the architects stay in their smelly caves and lurk in the shadows.

[Les Protocoles de Toronto (6.6.6) by Serge Monast. Anyone with an English translated copy?]

It wouldn’t surprise me if by the end of next week, either much of the senior liberal party staffers, PMO staffers, and Toronto area MPs, will resign and face criminal investigation for their ties to the CCP, or the US will strategically intervene in Canada forcing a regime change.

Just kidding. Come on. A little levity doesn’t hurt. Don’t be like that. Laugh a little. Yell it from the rooftops with me, “China is assho!”