Even normies are finding it hard to ignore this one.

Trudeau outright refuses public inquiry into Chinese election interference, after ELEVEN liberal MPs were found to be propped up by the CCP in Toronto alone, last election. Investigation results found that the Chinese consulate was bussing in voters to vote for their candidates, in order to fix the election for the liberals.

I know. None of this shit is surprising, anymore. We always kinda knew this was the deal, anyway.

I don’t believe it. This is just slander against the faggots who won an election, fair and square. It is transphobic, antisemitism and bigotry and cannot be allowed to fester. Those bringing this up are just angry, deplorable Trump supporters. They’re just mad about the results of the inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act. This is harmful to our democracy.

He grandstanded against a heckler at a Ukrainian support rally and naturally, this news is overshadowed by his courageous moments. So, you’re welcome.

Having to engage in election fraud in an electoral system that’s already rigged in your favour is pretty fucking embarrassing, in my opinion. But, it seems to be that Trudeau isn’t on good terms with the CCP, at the moment. The compromised Liberal politicians represent a threat to Trudeau’s power. It is the CCP trying to take control of the party from underneath Trudeau. That is why the cocksucker traitor Trudeau has turned against the foreign Chinese that he used to court. And then there are the other people who are behind it all.

The general rule of thumb is that you can’t serve two masters. Well, this faggot is serving multiple masters, or so it may seem. No. It is just ONE master, whose agendas culminate multiple milestones. He has since worn out his welcome and the shit is being busted wide open.

The Jewish mainstream media is all over him on this. I actually can’t believe it. I have slapped myself a couple of times already as I watched the msm over dinner. Just for the laughs. They have been nailing him all week. As it stands, in order to appeal to the aesthesia of the average person, Trudeau is now in the scapegoat phase of his tenure and has to bow out. We’ve seen this many times with Dubya, Tony Blair and a few others. He has gathered too much ire and is extremely unpopular. He is being viewed as corrupt and lackadaisical.

Come on. The dude was a fucking drama teacher, for fuck sake. He appointed a judge who is his relative, to investigate his enactment of martial law—suspending Canadian law for the first time in Canadian history. You might be thinking he’s going to end up in cuffs pretty soon, but you’d be wrong. He has to bow out quickly and quietly so as to not keep the issue highlighted and at the fore. Too much focus on it may result in unwanted consequences. The goal is to roast him quickly and move on. He will not be arrested, far less, impeached. He is one of many on a multi-headed hydra and there are dozens identical to him, waiting to replace him. So far, I haven’t seen Trudeau trying to distance himself from the China-associated money or support accusations. Freeland did, recently, so maybe she may throw her hat (panties) in the ring if the leadership suddenly opens up [???] That could mean even more military resources going to Ukraine, since the CPC would never oppose something like that.

For many Canadian politicians, the problems aren’t the actions of Trudeau’s government, but merely Trudeau’s government itself. They want to be in charge. Sucking on that Chinese assho… Other than a few pet projects, they want to be in charge and sadly, uniparty policy making will continue in that Communist hell hole up north.