The media is running damage control with this one

This is what a Communist nightmare looks like, folks. When the media and those in control of the media (Jews) become the arbiters of truth and reality, that’s when you know that you’re in a Communist hellscape. The takeover is complete. Like Canada, the USA is also under Communist occupation.

Most of you have noticed that it is very difficult to do a search on a particular subject and get results. It is as if information is being spitefully hidden and suppressed. Then there’s the contradictory news headlines that are pumped out daily in the main stream media. These headlines are purposely packed with enough information to give the reader the gist of an entire article without he or she having to read it. More importantly, their goals are to mislead, rather than inform. This is why the words and their fonts are carefully selected and pruned to invoke a visceral response. But what about the contradictions. Why do they contradict themselves so often? It is very simple.

The objective is to spitefully overwhelm and confuse the reader. Simply to frustrate and deter the inquisitive and curious minds for seeking out answers. It is so that citizens will become exhausted and give up searching for truth. It is an old Communist propaganda tactic where having to hear or read opposing opinions and articles, makes one exhausted and eventually suspend their critical thinking.

Then, something like this happens.

It’s over for him. “He’ll never work in this town ever again!”