It wasn’t enough that your government stole your monies and siphoned it off to Ukraine to support a fake war. Still, it wasn’t enough that you haven’t seen a dime out of any of this and trillions (try to count it) have been sent over to build The New Jerusalem. Now, Zoomers have to go to war.

As a matter of fact, I wrote about this months ago and predicted they were going to do this. Oh? You don’t remember? No, problem. Here it is.

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Yes, the jew wants more!!! He wants more goyim life blood to be spilled for his nefarious goals. Hopefully, they send all the lefty faggots who want to go fight for jewish causes. Send everyone with a Ukraine flag in their bios and as profile pics. They’re “good goyim”.

It is important to reiterate that this war is fake. As mentioned in another article, there will be skirmishes here and there, but for the most part all of this is performance. It is an elaborate production to dupe the masses.

Yes, believe it or not, you and I and our responses do matter. It is very clear, at least to me, that governments around the world are extremely terrified of the internet and internet freedom of speech and expression. I mean generally speaking this is somewhat understood, but now, it is very clear that the people who promote politics and government are really worried about their continuity. This is why the internet is being heavily policed.

You readers know this already—they’re coming after the internet and always have been after it—but, it is blatantly sinister and apparent. There is no more denying it nor passing it over in silence. Simply put, they cannot have people thinking for themselves, nor communicating their thoughts and opinions.

I forgot Aaron Berman’s picture

The people in power see us as an existential threat to their dominion. Quite frankly, we are. Whether or not we are succumbed by a bystander effect doesn’t change this fact. Such a psychological impact is necessary to to stave off our collective threat. This fake war is another psychological operation to keep us focused on one thing while they do many other things in the shadows. Things they do not want us to be privy to. The demand for American sons and daughters is just part of the same theatrical production.

You will die for the Zelensky and you will love it!