It is being reported on the Twatter that the fat, filthy rich, white-hating negress, Oprah, lost a half a billion dollars in the SVB collapse, yesterday.

Oh, my sides!

Eh, she still has half a billion dollars. That’s more than you and I will ever be able to amass in twenty lifetimes. This proves that the filthy rich can and will definitely parry this major blow. They’ll only care about what they lost and not what they still have, though.

Anyway, while this is certainly immense and we ought to be looking forward to what’s going to take place on Monday, we must not forget this other important thing.

Yeah, nothing much is going to come of it, but we must still be vigilant to mark the passing of nothingness when the elites fuck up and do corrupt shit.

The effects of the SVB collapse isn’t over, folks. It’s only just getting started.

This is a startup market extinction moment and just like the mortgage crisis in 2008, the speculative economy (shit made out of thin air) (it was mortgages back then, it’s startups, today) surrounding startup companies is what our entire lives have been tethered to for the last 15 years!

The domino effect is now underway. The contagion is spreading. Everyone with serious money who is responsible for paying employees, had their monies tied up in SVB. I suspect that majority, if not all, the wealthy had their monies tied up in this bank and they’re hurting so much, right now, just like Oprah. They’ll keep it hush hush, though.

Roku, Roblox, Twitter, Facebook, Air BnB, Cisco, Pinterest, Fitbit and many, many, many other startup companies that we are all familiar and affiliated with directly and indirectly were hit by this collapse.

Nevertheless, it is still only the beginning the of the end of startups and the beginning of a major economic collapse. They are going to try to bail them out, but, remember, “Bail-Ins”.

The Federal government of the US stole the “money” [digits], as well as the CEOs. The “money” [ones and zeroes] is being “moved around” and we will not only feel the hurt, but have to pick up the slack.