In the recent Silicon Valley Bank collapse (come on, it was just yesterday), the head of the financial Risk Management Department, positioned herself as a “queer person of color and an immigrant from the working class.” I’m happy for her. It’s a pity, she didn’t have much prowess with risk management. I don’t understand. She had so many buzzwords in her bio. How could the bank have failed?

She only failed due to Capitalism and white supremacy. More immigration and higher taxes on white men can fix this. It’s Silicon Valley, after all. It’s packed with these faggy, queer, “women can code, too” oddballs who are at enmity with reality.

In any case, the heads of this bank knew this was going to happen and exited before it occurred. Imagine my surprise.

Have no fear. Monies were insured by the FDIC.

The same FDIC who said that they themselves do not trust in their own banking, make-believe, snake oil bullshit they sell to retards.

Reality Check: The Banks are failing, because the FDIC is failing and the Federal Reserve fractional banking scheme is failing. It is all made up bullshit that morons have been convinced actually matters. Now that these same morons have placed their trust and their actual earnings in this made up nonsense and the emperor is shown to really be naked, the FDIC is running damage control to ensure that the retards continue to believe the emperor has clothes.