So, everyone by now knows what happened yesterday with SVB bank. What they don’t know is this!

For those who aren’t aware, the people who got “hit” the hardest in the tech world were Jews! Israel is the world’s largest and most “successful” startup hub. Why not? The startup industry is pure speculation, built on “Trust Me Bro!” shenanigans and Jews are all about made up bullshit! These people are the ones who convinced the goyim that the paper we use as money—currency—has special value, because it is backed by force, coercion and potential violence—governments—and fancy ink. It’s special paper!

[Mind you, gold is no different. It was the speculative asset of its time, so all you retards hoarding gold, silver and precious metals obviously do not comprehend fungibility. Holding onto it hoping it will be the default currency when things “normalize”; that it will retain its value. It is still subject to speculation, even though history has proven that many place value in it, for whatever reasons. Even if those reasons are irrational].

Startups are Jewish! It is that simple. From Google, to Facebook, Sergei Brynn to the recently retired YouTube cunt, Intel, nVidia; fucking all of it are Jewish spy tools. All the spying and tracking tech, Palantir, Promis, Pegasus, social media platform apps like Whatsapp; they are databases and Jews run this shit! And they did not take a hit or hurt from of any of this! They planned it and executed it, well!

They made off, once again, with the goyim’s money, via US Federal bonds that are headded straight over to Israel and Ukraine. We saw this kind of shit with Hitler forcing German Jews to leave Germany for Palestine. Yesterday, they were forced to bring their monies back to Israeli banks. After all, startups are their bread and butter and the goyim are only supposed to be consuming things they come up with. These Israelis took monies out of their economy and put it in the goyim economy. They’re not supposed to do that! They’re supposed to make useless goyslop for the goyim to use and suck the goyim dry of their monies.

Watch them liken this collapse of startups to the holocaust, somehow, but like the holocaust it is a major hoax and swindle!

Everyone is asking “so what happened to the money?” Oh my sweet summer goy. Use your imagination!