When I said that 2023 was going to be the year for psyops, I wasn’t kidding. Many people brushed it off and said, “Yeah, okay. We’ll see.” Well, “have at you!”

I told you so! I told you they were going to come with the extraterrestrial visitation hoax! Get your asses ready for the real jab!

That’s right! A real faggot’s wonderland is about to unfurl—alien probes right up your ass. Yes, I’m going to once again, bask in my vindication! Because, I predicted this. You can read my first article about it, here, from 3 years ago. I’m not psychic. I’m not a fed or CIA glowie. I just understand two main things—Communism and how retarded the average person is. They wouldn’t try to pull this hoax if they didn’t have confidence that many would fall for it—if they didn’t understand that the average person is a blithering fucking moron who believes everything they see on a screen and in the media. They wouldn’t attempt to deceive us again were there no efficacy in the Boomer tube, or the internet. My sweet child, there’s a retard of every shade and color for every impractical and incredible nonsense out there. There are people who literally believe that a Jewish space zombie lives past Orion’s belt, for Christ’s sake [pun usage bonus x666]. And yes, they all believe and trust what the government tells them, because they believe in this Jewish superman.

Do not fall for this hoax guys. They are doing it again! They did it with the covid hoax, the 9/11 hoax and many other hoaxes before our time and now it’s time for Aliens.

I love the X-Files. It was part of the many fun times in my childhood, but Jews are behind this new hoax! I explained this right, here, about more than a year ago. The truth is out there and it all points to Jews! They are ramping up this hoax.

They have mastered the deep fake and holographic images technology. They will create wonders in the night sky and will deceive the very elect.

Don’t worry, my fellow goyim. Do not panic! The Jewish elite super brain is going to save us all with their space lasers and Tikun Olam the entire fucking planet.

Yeah, the Jew is straight from the Israeli Talpiot Program.

Oh, you don’t know what the Talpiot Program is? Okay, go see my good friend Brendan. He’ll explain it.

Brendan is referring to Ring 0 backdoor access into CPUs, but, let’s not lose focus from this Jew, Avi Loeb. He’s trained in PSYOP manipulation, with a background in astrophysics (Kabbalah), but rest assured that his expertise is propaganda. Psyops and mass brainwashing, through Soy-ence.

No, folks. There won’t be any Jane Badler types visiting us any time soon and no Mark Singer to form the resistance. (Fuck! I just showed my age). Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they staged an actual, elaborate visitation, “take me to your leader” kind of scenario.

This is all another Jewish hoax that has been thousands of years in the making, to prove to the unbelieving goyim that Jews are indeed “chosen”. This is sure to set the record straight!

Strap in tight, guys! 2023 has only just begun and I predict it is going to be a wild ride.