Gimme a moment, okay? One second.

Okay, enough of that faggot poojeet. But you get the idea, right? Another bank is shut down. This time all the way across the pond, down under, in Australia.

Oh, cryptobros are seething, right now. Crypto was always speculative. Why many thought it was invincible is beyond me. This is to be expected, though. What happened on Friday is indeed a disaster of immense proportion.

Even Wells Fargo is another bank that could be in trouble. Customers were reporting missing transactions and other account access problems.

This is being blamed on a “glitch”.

Quite a coincidence that this so-called glitch happens on the same day of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

First Republic Bank might be in the process of failing, too.

There were runs on the bank where many attempted to extract as much monies as possible. To me, this is as dumb as the covid hoax toilet paper panic-buying, but whatever. It is a good example of how panick stricken many are.

First Republic Bank’s stock crashed on Friday, too, when SVB bellied-up.

Things seem to be quite bad, my dear reader, but we will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow morning. I expect the proverbial can to hit the asphalt a couple more times.

Jews have already made petitions for their banks to be bailed out by the fed and it looks like they’ll have their demands met.

It is easy to see why these see making this demand. After all, SVB was involved in all sorts of Jewish green energy and tech startups. They will get their wish even though the skeksis Jewess, Janet Yelen started off Sunday morning, announcing that the fed will not bail-out the banks.

She gave the goyim the old switcheroo.

Stay with me folks, because we must remember two things: reconsider the following:

There will be no bail-outs. Only bail-ins!