Bank theft!

This is pure misinformation! These people didn’t play the stock market, but deposited their monies in a bank that used their monies to play speculation games. Of course, there’s a trading department of the bank that would have offered a few wealthy people an opportunity to “double your money” and the bank would take a percentage if they hit big. But, for the most part, the deposits these businesses made into this banks were for payroll and other operating expenses. To pay staff salaries, vendors and so on.

This is outright bank theft! It is exactly as I predicted. Government taking over the means of production by stealing from the wealthy!

It is true that one would be silly to deposit his or her monies in a bank—give a loan to a bank without collateral—but many do so under the comfort of the lies by omission told to them by the FDIC—$250,000 of your monies are safe and insured. Beyond that it is not insured. What’s more, the FDIC, which is tasked with protecting the monies of the creditors and depositors—we the people— does not disclose that when we do make a deposit that we are effectually issuing an unsecured loan to the bank!

What has happened here today, in layman’s terms: “you should have known better”.

The Federal government has stolen billions of dollars!

Nothing has changed and collapse is imminent!