I need to remind you readers that you are tuned in to the number one brand in honesty, “I Told You So”. We, here, ask that you trust nothing and question everything. Including us. Don’t trust us. Go do the research, yourself.

Here’s a rundown of what is really going on. The Great Jewish Swindle Continues. Sorry, but this will not and CANNOT be a quick rundown.

Okay, fine. The short version. All you need to know is, that the Fed is going to do more bullshit tomorrow which will hurt the economy even more. People’s monies are still going to be stolen. The only difference lies in the fact that wealthy people’s monies—those with more than $250,000 in the bank—will be stolen. In short, Banks have the authority to steal your monies.

Now for the long version.

I was the only one who explained BAIL-INS and what is actually going on with these bank failures. I also have been the only one to be 100% accurate with regards to what to expect. Despite this, majority of people have picked up some other shit, because the average person is indeed a fucking moron.

I have posted a few times linking to the actual Jews discussing this in DETAIL, in a meeting that was held last year, November. Many shared my articles and even regurgitated as theirs, which is fine and quite acceptable, but, today, to see retards using the words, “Bail-out” instead of “Bail-In” is alarming and a reminder of how fucking dumb the average person is.

The Federal Government has effectually taken over the means of production, which tech startups (speculation) happens to be what our economy runs on. This is Socialism. The only startups that will be financed and pushed will be “Climate Change” hoax startups and tech companies. This is the new grift and the new money laundering scheme. Why? Because the Federal government is BROKE! Hence, Bail-Ins! Taking over the tech startup industry—controlling the means is production—Socialism—will allow the government to trick taxpayers into allowing them to steal their monies to fund government climate change startup projects.

There is also the possibility that the new dead-in-the-water startups are going to have to sell their businesses, because the dynamism is this fallout sees it necessary that control of production is transferred to a few, or The Few.

Essentially, Bail-Ins allows the banks, by law (See Dodd-Frank Act) to seize the deposits of depositors to keep themselves afloat. NOT FROM BANKRUPTCY [Banks NEVER go bankrupt. They simply steal your monies]. In return, the bank will promise, or force “shares” onto depositors in form of a contract, creating equity out of their debt. The premise is to lift the burden tax payers bear when a bank fucks up—what happens when the federal government steals monies from its citizens to bail a bank out. In other words, either way, monies get seized and stolen, from both the business owners and the average worker in a bailout or a bail-in. Bail-Ins are just a contract on futures. At best, what will give the retarded normies comfort, is a promise of a tax break or credit at the end of the year when they file taxes.

When we deposit our monies into banks, we become “unsecured creditors” of that bank. This means we loan the banks our monies with 0 [count it!] collateral in place. If something like what happened last Friday eventuates, that money we put in, the government has us believe they will repay us $250,000 of it. Anything above that is between you and the bank. You’re fucked.

This is a very old Jewish scam.

The bank owes money, but, instead of tolerating us treating them the way they would treat us were we to owe them, they have laws to protect them. They have found a way to stymie a backlash. WE ARE THE CREDITORS AND THEY ARE THE BORROWERS!!! OUR MONIES KEEP THEM IN BUSINESS!!! Still, they have brainwashed so many into believing that they are doing us a favor by allowing us to put our monies in their banks.

Remember, Bail-Ins are a result of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was designed to appear to be assisting the common man. Instead, its entire scheme is to keep creditors (we the people) off their backs.

This sums up the Great Jewish Money Swindle.