The FDIC says they are going to provide unlimited insurance for Silicon Valley Bank depositors.

They are “bailing the bank out without calling it a bailout”. The reality is, it is the ‘Business Sector’ BAIL-INS, discussed here in this article and in the FDIC meeting mentioned and linked. Just so you know, these are the people who will “benefit” from this, aside from the Jews who did this.

Fucking cringe!

Here is the smoking gun!!!

This is exactly what I’ve been telling you! The FDIC is running damage and information control to keep the goyim believing in the tooth fairy. BAIL-INS!!!

It isn’t surprising to me at all. They do not have the resources to bail everyone out, hence there will be Bail-Ins, as they discussed. The house of cards is collapsing. There’s no doubt about that, but as I told you readers, the objective of the FDIC is to run damage control and reinstill the goyim’s trust in a system that even the jews themselves, do not trust.

Tomorrow is going to be very interesting.