Many are talking about the Bail-Ins as if they’re something good. The FDIC Title II, which is “Orderly Liquidation” and information control has been executed well.

Even Brandon has said, “The Banking System is safe”.

He said it and made it so, with his words! This is far from the truth.

Through the Dodd-Frank Act, the Feds, on behalf of the “failed bank”, can seize the monies you loan to a bank and offer you “shares”, tax breaks, tax credits and other bullshit ‘IOUs’, and refuse to give you your money back. This is theft!

It is what the sales department of any company does when you want a refund or your monies—try to keep your money by offering you something else—”sweetening the deal”. The only difference with Bail-Ins is you don’t get your monies back, no matter how much you insist.

The truth is, the financial system is in shambles and is about to collapse. What they have done is prolonged the inevitable. There are two financial collapse scenarios that are running parallel to each other. One sees a financial collapse happening very quickly—bank runs, provided that the lies the FDIC tells about what’s actually going on doesn’t stick—while the other sees a collapse is inevitable and is trying to make sure the inevitable happens when they are ready, by spreading lies. It is a matter of wanting a collapse to happen sooner than later. Essentially, the economy is collapsing and the FDIC is trying to keep everyone from speeding up the collapse by not having them do bank runs. Nothing has changed since yesterday, only that people are listening to the FDIC which slows the collapse down. There is nothing else they can do other than create the illusion that they’ve done something.

Because I understand what will ensue if a collapse happens sooner, I will ironically side with these jew banker fucks.

None of us truly want a financial collapse and we better be careful about what we ask for, because we just might get it. If we do get it, it won’t be nice. Things will get very, very, very ugly, very fast! The only way you should want a bank run is if you are absolutely ready for what will ensue as a result. The reality is, many are not prepared for a collapse. So, while they kick the can down the road by hijacking the monies of the wealthy, take the time to really stock up and prep for the inevitable.