Yesterday, the charlatans on Wallstreet halted trading. Overnight, they halted trading and pumped the fuck out of stocks in certain banks to produce headlines like this one.

The sheer manipulation we saw yesterday and still see today today was off the charts. Despite the promise of bail-ins and “bailouts”, the possible printing trying to make this inevitable crash go away, markets are still flatlined. That is the reality folks.

The FDIC, Federal Reserve and Biden are running damage control. This collapse isn’t over. The emperor has no clothes and the authorities—FDIC, Federal Reserve and USA Government—wants everyone to believe that he does, in order to stop a bank run. A bank run will hasten a collapse, even though the collapse is going to happen, one way or another. This isn’t a matter of putting a band aid on a gaping wound. This is worse! This is, there is a gaping wound and there is no band aid and the FDIC, Federal Reserve etc., are telling you that they have put a band aid on it. They even kiss it “to make it better”.

Essentially, what we are seeing today are the actions of retards who literally trust the government.

RIGHT NOW, as I write this, they are trying to start a rally, by buying futures. It is a fake pump! Happening Now!!!

They are halting everything, again, as they did yesterday. You don’t do that when it’s “rallying”. You don’t halt 30 minutes into markets opening. This is dark. Subtle. Quiet. Deceitful.

They haven’t halted Bank of America, yet. We’re about to see it go red, soon. The reason I am writing this is, because I realized Zoomers and Boomers are a retarded generation who have no idea what they are watching.

These stocks were artificially pumped ALL NIGHT to 20-70% to increase values. The fact that they are almost at 0% is indeed a crash in itself. What’s concerning is that the every day normie isn’t able to understand this.

Bank of America was touted as rallying today. It’s almost down 20% from last night’s pumping. The issue is people still see green and believe it’s up from yesterdays crash. When it’s actually DOWN from last night’s pumping

The stock above dropped so fucking low yesterday, that they halted it and pumped money into the stock ALL night. They got it pretty high, too. What you’re looking at is +36%, which is NOT a good thing when it was +70% a few hours ago.

Why would they halt this stock when it was positive? Now, they are pumping, again. More banks have been halted. Why halt them all if they are “looking” so good? It’s because they pumped them so much last night to create the illusion of a massive rally on these banks. We’re not even an hour into trading and everything is being stopped again.

Fun times ahead, folks. Stay vigilante and be prepared.