Please give us cash? Please, goyim? We will fail if you don’t. It gets even better.

Banks take our monies—cash—that we loan them, and invest and acquire assets. These assets BELONG TO US, if they do not give us back the monies we loan them (monies loaned without collateral, mind you!). They then claim they are “failed” or “collapsing” in order to avoid having to pay us back. This is what the FDIC does not want us to know.

We need to dispense with all the big words and jargon. The Jewish Swindle is as simple as, “why are you lending your monies out to banks without collateral?” Another thing that needs to be understood is that banks, to a large degree give our monies value, due to the lending power WE have and the demand they have for our cash to keep their swindle going. But, WE DO NOT NEED BANKS! They need us!

Why give your neighbor your money to hold for you (LEND) at a price he charges you, while he takes a large portion of it and goes gambling and buying up real estate, boats and fancy cars and when you’re ready for your money, he tells you about “equity” and “credit”. What the fuck is “equity”, “equity shareholders” and “stocks” if it isn’t your sneaky, lying deceitful neighbor making up shit up in order to NOT pay you back the money you loaned him? These things are empty platitudes that morons think give them a boost in social status. “I’m an equity shareholder of this bank.” Dumb faggots.
This is what the FDIC doesn’t want you to know and comprehend.

That same neighbor takes your money and lends it out to another neighbor AT INTEREST!!! You make NOTHING out of lending him your money.

When you’re ready for your money, your neighbor’s wife or relative (FDIC), tells you he’s not at home and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back. The next time you check on him for your money, she says, “the check is in the mail”.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep my money in a bank. It’s just insane.