The Credit Suisse bank “collapsed” today. Translation: it stole and took off with the monies of its depositors, exactly the same way SVB did, last Friday. In similar fashion, the little fish (Credit Suisse) is being swallowed up by the big fish—the Central Bank of Switzerland—too.

This is the beginning of a CBDC rollout. I’ll briefly explain. The Federal Reserve Central Bank in the USA (not OF), has taken over SVB and the Federal Government of the USA has taken over the tech startup industry (Socialism/Communism).

(Some people are dumb enough to make the AnCom (Anarcho-Communist [oxymoron] argument that Communism is about the dissolution of government entirely, but we know the reality behind that chicanery).

The Federal Reserve and its fractional banking scheme does not answer to the Federal Government and is going to issue a CBDC, as I’ve discussed before. This is the plan of the Socialists/Communists. As it stands, this seems to be the plan for all nations where Central banking power parasitizes. We will have to wait and see what unfolds with Credit Suisse, but for now, Auf Wiedersehen