Yesterday, a mass number of banks were halted from trading, within 45 min of the markets opening. This was done to keep them in the “green”.

The media then put out headlines stating that the banks and the market had a BIG rebound.

If there is a drop from $56 stock price to $2, then the stock goes up to $3 the next day, that is a 50% gain.

Something big is happening and they are covering it up.

The media and government “authorities” have normies believing that it was just SVB and their woke practices and “regulation” that contributed to their crash. Yet, I can post 40+ banks that have all collapsed to a level not seen since the Great Depression.

Pre-Market this morning, shows that all of these banks are crashing, again. We ought to expect another day of trade-halting.

Uh, wait. There were go. Halted again, upon writing this.

Never in the history of the stock market have we seen what is happening.

Government is using every single tool possible to prevent this collapse. Propaganda, pumping money, halting trades and so on so people can’t sell their stock holdings.


More banks have been forced to halt! It’s happening, again! For 3 days in a row, they have FORCED investors to NOT sell their stocks. This is illegal. It is beyond illegal!

If this continues you will not have money in your own bank accounts, soon. I promise!

When the average prison realizes the media has been lying to them for 3 days, saying it was just 1-2 banks affected, people will begin doing bank runs AND Dow Jones/S&P500 and regular stocks will crash.

This week is going to be WILD.

Someone I know who works on the inside has informed me that the big guys are quietly pulling thier monies out of bank equities. Moving over to the BIG 4 banks.

As I told you guys yesterday and the day before, the Bail-Ins were just delaying the inevitable, just a little bit longer, so the insiders can get positioned for the up coming crash.

Biden and the Federal Reserve bank have allowed their regular degenerate gambler friends (his wealthy constituents) to recoup their monies they pissed away—they simply added a few 0s to their accounts—for a Federal government takeover of their startups.
There aren’t going to be anymore bailouts, the next round of failures are going to be allowed to happen.

Do what you will with this information.