Biden’s first day in office and his first Executive order was to direct the White House to pursue DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) and to follow this model.

Since then, Government bailouts, loans, funds and everything used to “rescue” companies have required all entities to comply with DEI.

Through manufactured collapses, the Government is indirectly taking control of institutions.

No matter how hard parents fight, they cannot understand why their local schools will not side with them. It is because the schools took the money and have to comply with what they signed with the Federal Government.

This, my friends, is a distraction. It is another PSYOP and the tool being used for a total Socialist/Communist takeover.

Terms To Know

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Being Understood and Included.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR Is About Mindset and Culture.

Environment, social, and governance (ESG). ESG Is Where the Rubber Hits the Road.

We can stop this. We can stop this by dismantling Feminine values.