You can pay attention to the Jewish mainstream media, you can listen to the news on the radio, like a retarded boomer, but you won’t get the truth! What is the truth, you ask? The truth is, the markets have crashed and the global economy has collapsed!

Right now, as I write this, these are the kinds of shenanigans going on. Go ahead. Take a look.

These charlatans have the gall to say this:

“This action by America’s largest banks reflects their confidence in First Republic and in banks of all sizes, and it demonstrates their overall commitment to helping banks serve their customers and communities,” the group said in a statement.

Yes. They are so kind and magnanimous. They’re looking out for us, because they care so much about us. Get the fuck out of here. The truth is, everything in their world is going down, down, down, and they do not want people to panic and start a bank run on their banks.

I have the unfortunate privilege of knowing people and knowing people who know people in very high positions in American society (unfortunate, because I don’t really like people, much.) It has come down into my circle that someone we know who works in one of the Big 4, has just gotten out of a meeting where it was discussed why they seeded $5Bn to First Republic Bank.

“…we just threw billions at first republic bank as a hail mary to restore faith to the banking system. however, if credit suisse fails tomorrow or over the weekend we are all well and truly fucked. we’re hoping we can make it to the end of the month when the largest amount of payroll deposits hit accounts–but if the withdrawals continue there is nothing we can do to stop it. gas up the car, stock up…”

That’s as plain as it gets. You can trust me or don’t trust me, either way, whatever is to come out of all this, you need to be prepared. Remember, you can always eat your mistakes. I told you that they were going to have the Big 4 prop up the economy.

Someone I know who works on the inside has informed me that the big guys are quietly pulling thier monies out of bank equities. Moving over to the BIG 4 banks.

As I told you guys yesterday and the day before, the Bail-Ins were just delaying the inevitable, just a little bit longer, so the insiders can get positioned for the up coming crash.

I’m not going to tell you what to do, because somewhere in this society of make-believe bullshit rules, it says that I can’t. All I can say is, whatever comes our way, we need to be prepared.

Oh, we are all stronger together!