Most people like to look at the trees, but I like to show them the entire panorama of the forest.

It has truly been an incredibly interesting and eventful week, right? Yeah, well, now it’s time to do a full assessment. I’ll keep it as informative as possible and tell you what you may have missed, what you need to know—what you ought to expect.

Expect a massive global push for CBDCs. Countries all around the world are going to be switching to a Fed-Coin. The way to look at all of what’s going on is to view it in the same light as the pandemic hoax scare, back in 2020. Remember how all governments on the planet were working in unison? They spread fear and gained control of the frightened masses and offered up a “solution” in the form of a mystery juice. It is the same thing happening with world economies. The fear they are spreading is the eventuation of a collapse, which has indeed happened (this system cannot be sustained) (they are spreading the Communist lie about Capitalism being evil and white supremacist) by design, and soon, they will offer up the solution—CBDCs.

Prepare for these talking points to become more and more prominent as governments around the world get ready to swoop in and introduce CBDCs. CBDCs are the answer to the problem of “social media bank runs”. That’ll be the first talking point, because of all the “social media disinfo” that was spread that led to bank run “contagion”.

Yes, they want you to keep your monies in their banks, goy and never take it out. And, we need to censor social media platforms to avoid bank runs.

The next thing they are going to come with is, CBDCs will provide financial security. You can have the confidence that they will protect your money and not gamble it away like those banks did. In addition, you’ll have the added protection against a contagion as mentioned earlier. Hmmm. where did we hear that word used before? Oh, that’s right! The covid hoax!

[The language used is important! The Communists know that language is very, very important, because they know that people do not follow reality. They follow language, and if you can change and manipulate the language, you can change and manipulate reality! Communist atheists on FSTDT do it all the time! It is how they justify their sick and twisted fetishes and habits and being a statist moron. But, anyway].

Contagion! Your money has gotten sick! And many businesses weren’t able to pay their staff, vendors and buy groceries. Then, the Federal Reserve stepped in with the vaccine—guaranteed depisitors would be made whole. CBDCs will be used for customer depisitors protection.

Qui buono?

With the advent of this new money system, we can also expect the eradication of privacy, if any semblance of it even exists at all today, as it is. Specifically, governments have already made the case for direct payments and deposits into citizens’ accounts via CBDCs, thereby nullifying privacy as a concept. Like the covid hoax, they rolled out contact tracing, vaccine passports and digital IDs. All of these things are tightly connected to CBDCs.

Safety, Security, Stability and Convenience. Everything that women are pathologically anal about. They have already said that they will be stripping citizens of their financial freedoms and privacy, by imposing CBDC spending limits, controls and removing anonymity!

They’re all out of conspiracy theories, because all of them are coming true.

Yes, all the ‘woke’ [I can’t believe niggers’ problems with verb tenses and vernacular has been so popularized] climate change startups and push for LGBTQ+ and BLM funding was tied to this piece of shit in Soylicon Valley. Not just Epstein, politicians, billionaires and Sam Bankman Fraud. EVERYONE. And as I told you, every single one of these banks (casinos) are going to be affected. The past 15 years, our economy has been propped up by pure, unadulterated, bullshit. Not just the speculation aspect, but the bullshit nature of feminine values.

At the end of the day, it is the Fed who is behind all of this. Every last bit of it!