Good morning, readers! How are you feeling this morning? Not much different or any less special than any other day, right? I know, even though the banks have collapsed and the the global economy has tanked, it still feels like any regular old day, right? Well, that’s because the media is lying, the governments are lying and the reality hasn’t set it, yet, for most normies. The reality happens to be that bank runs have been occurring regardless of the lies the Jewish mainstream media has been spreading.

Now, per my last article, it is important that we grasp the magnitude of all of this. First off, this is a hoax and a PSYOP. Let me be specific and clearer.

The banks have indeed collapsed, so have the global economies. Yet, they were spitefully engineered to collapse in order to roll out CBDCs. As they fucked with the supply chains, the food facrories and energy plants, manipulated the weather and so on in the name of climate change, so too have they engineered a collapse in the name of destroying Capitalism.

That shit up there about QE (Quantitative Easing) was no mistake. It was intentional.

Every bank is locking arms together to “stop” this fallout. It is a farse. It is all performative. The Fed also committed to a $2Tn infusion in a couple months and are currently pumping markets. But, what does this really mean—”pumping”. What actually comes to mind when you read the word “infuse”? When you close your eyes, do you see a syringe and an “injection” being done? Or, a hose being inserted into something and some kind of liquid is then released? How about multiple Brink’s trucks, full of cash being transported across town, or the country, to be unpacked into bank vaults?

I’ll explain to you what actually happens. This is sure to appeal to my fellow PC gamers—you cheating bastards! When I’m playing a video game and because I’m a seasoned player (I am deeply familiar with the genre of game), or have played the game many times to the point where it is either no longer challenging and I want a different experience the fourth or fifth time around, I will use cheats. Specifically Cheat Engine tables or a”trainer”. It will allow me to modify the game to best suit my desire. To make it easier, more difficult or less cumbersome. Sometimes, I want to max out my money, so I can afford the best weapons and items as the game progresses. All I have to do is find the memory address that corresponds with the amount and change its value and voila! I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich! The same is done with banks. This is how they “print”. Of course the populace gets some new paper with fresh ink and designs, but for the most part, bailouts, bail-ins (which have been completed), “pumping” and “infusing” are all just the push of a button, or copying one file over to multiple computers. Digits.

Remember, if the USA sneezes, most of the world gets pneumonia. This applies to regions such as, Asia—China is dependent on the USA consuming their manufactured shit. Russia and many other nations are no different. If the USA is fucked, this will be bad everywhere. We are about to see the planet experience what Klaus Schwab and other cunts wants—calamity on an unprecedented level. Then the world begging for a GLOBAL solution will commence.

In case you’re interested in how things went this morning with the markets, well, five minutes into trading, the banks were halted again for the 5th time this week.

We’ve now surpassed historic halting levels by roughly x100. Massive bailouts—funny money and digit changes—most importantly, take overs, and still stocks—imaginary commodities—continue to plummet into oblivion. Hopefully people are starting to wake up.

Nice time to be alive, right? Don’t worry, the government said everything is awesome!