All banks across America and Europe have now crashed. Not just a little, but faster than any other time in world history. Despite constant trade halting, $2Tn dollars “pumped”, “infused” or whatever the fuck you want to call it, to assist, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, could humpty dumpy back together again.

The economy is tattered and torn. The Jewish media continues to lie and the politicians are echoing the lies. Most people continue to put their trust in a failed system, because, what else are they supposed to do? The average person doesn’t comprehend how banks really work. Sure, they’ll tell you about “fractional reserve banking” and this and that about the central banks and jews and war and Hitler and Ghadafi, but they don’t understand how it truly works. They’ll even tell you that they read a book on the banking system, but they just do not get it. If they did, they wouldn’t find it so difficult to keep it simple! It is as simple as,”why are you lending your earnings to a bank with no collateral and at no interest (no interest most of the time)?

Whatever. People are retarded. Let’s focus on another major happening—mass layoffs!

As expected, news of layoffs have been rolling out, as of yesterday. Many of you will be jobless, soon. These layoffs, plus inflation will cause serious bank runs. Even bank employees will be laid off, soon.

Inflation is one of the key components of these crashes. Inflation causes people to withdraw more than normal to cover their bills and food. Inflation prevents people from depositing and forces them to squeeze and save due to higher costs. Inflation is a “quiet bank run”.

Bailing out the banks over and over again causes more inflation. The time between crashes shortens and the crashes are harder each time.

As it stands, there are at least ten or more medium-sized banks that are “unofficially” destroyed this week. The media will cover a Swiss Bank, SVB, and sometimes First National, but they are purposely staying silent on all the others. It is almost never about what the media says, but what it doesn’t say.

For a better perspective on what’s going on, we need to consider this: why is no one buying the dip? If companies or “big investors” thought the banks were safe, wouldn’t they be buying the dip and urging others to, as well? Why is no one, anywhere, buying these dips? If any smart investors truly thought this was just a blip, they could make millions, or even billions on these dips.

I challenge any of you out there, if you don’t trust what is being said here, to go buy the dip.

Unless, your focus is on this dip.