Apparently, the shabbos goy, Trump is getting rousted by the jews he supplicates to. He announced that he will be arrested this coming Tuesday.

I don’t really give a shit about this and neither should you, for obvious reasons. Trump’s presidential legacy is another distraction after having been turned into a reality TV drama, used to distract and keep the tiny brains of Trumpanzees occupied.

At first I was thinking this has something to do with Stormey Daniels or J6, but most likely it’s about the New Hampshire drug smuggling and drug money laundering ring and corruption, uncovered and exposed by Mike Gill. This involves everyone including, Trump, Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, SVB, the Clintons, Biden, Pelosi and many other important people. Go watch my good friend Brendan O’Connell. He’ll explain it all.

Nevertheless, this is all performative. So far, Trump has called for protests, apparently.

Another honeypot. The way to respond to this is to stay the fuck off of social media and keep your fucking mouth shut. Don’t go posting your opinions and support for Trump and shit on social media, because everything you do on the internet is being watched and you will be pinched for just giving your opinions, that nobody asked for! Leave that bullshit for the Boomers and women (retards). You just sit back and observe.

In the end, this is what he gets for trusting Jews. Backstabbed. Dumb dumb Boomer.