Yes, you read that correctly. That’s what that negress said.

You shouldn’t be surprised, though. I told you, women and their values will always be protected. Similar to another group who can do no wrong. The thing most people can’t comprehend when it comes to looking at these two groups is, one predates the other and has been around since the first humans walked the other. The other simply emulates the values and behavior of the other, because it works. Why it works, I discuss on this blog site all the time!

These fags and weirdos can’t fathom how people can find their bullshit repulsive. They, like women, believe everyone must like their nonsense and put up with it. Everything they do is an exemplification of female values, being used to achieve Communist agendas. Were they taking things seriously, Biden wouldn’t have been joking about ice-cream right before addressing the shooting. They don’t give a fuck about Trannies. They do more about ice cream and will use this Tranny-shooting to further their agendas.

You’d think this shit would piss normies off, but normies don’t even know what fucking day of the week it is, much less that a shooting happened.

What’s the takeaway from all this? “The tranny cries out in pain as it murders your children!” It is just the way feminine values work, pal. What do you want from me?