You readers might be so fed up with me saying, “I Told You So”, but, come on. Be a good sport. I did tell you guys that the US’ economy is slated to collapse and be dissolved. I did tell you that the Jews have sucked this nation dry and are readying their next hosts. I also told you that Israel is preparing herself to become the next world’s super power and that China and Russia are to be her protectorate states. If you’re still wondering what’s going on with the Ukraine PSYOP war, just know that it is all part of the theater to justify certain actions. But, enough “I told you so”.

Let’s get into the US dollar and its current plight, because things are not looking good, at all!

So, you guys may think nothing much has changed since the banks collapsed a few weeks ago and life is just going on as usual. Well, you’re wrong. As I’ve mentioned a few articles aback, the entire global economy has indeed collapsed and we may not feel the impacts of this, just yet, because the fake, Jewish financial system is in a transition phase. We are in the phase where the US dollar is to be dissolved and abandoned, as predicted.

The USD has been the king of all currencies for many decades, but since the recent banking collapse, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and several other nations are pivoting away from depending on it. This is the advent of the China Belt an Road Initiative, The Multi Polar World, Eurasianism, The Greater Israel Project, The Bear and Dragon Trade Partnership, Perestroika and The Great Reset.

[They are all one and the same and only differ in name and specific milestones].

If (more like when) the American dollar is to lose its value and hegemony, life for Americans will become quite nightmarish. I specifically, in recent articles, referred to the USA as the USSA (United Soviet States of America) and I was not joking. Once we lose that status, our lifestyles will be much different than they are today. The average American cannot fathom such a world, far less comprehend what is actually taking place. They have only born witness, for several decades—several election cycles—to how the people they blindly place their hopes and trusts in, haphazardly handled the stability of the dollar. We have seen the most lackadaisical and reprehensible decisions made by presidents, Congress and the Senate (the entire charade that is government) and the outright disregard for the economic stability of our nation. Still, many Americans believe the USD is strong and continues to hold sway in the global markets. Meanwhile, much of the planet is preparing for a future in which the U.S. dollar will be far less important than it is now.

Now, for the specifics.

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) account for over 40 percent of the total global population and close to one-fourth of global GDP. So, the fact that they are working to develop a “new currency” should concern us all, greatly!

They even plan on having it be backed by precious metals and minerals. Are you beginning to get the picture, yet? If not, hopefully this will make things clearer. Two of the BRICS nations, China and Brazil, have just reached a deal to trade in their own currencies.

That’s not all, folks. During a meeting last week in Indonesia, finance ministers from the ASEAN nations discussed ways “to reduce dependence on the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, and British Pound”.

Clear, now? The west is finished! And in case you think I’m exaggerating and blowing smoke up your tails, in a move that has enormous implications for the “petrodollar”, Saudi Arabia just agreed to become a “dialogue partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”.

Hold on to your asses, because I’m not finished. The Chinese just completed their very first trade of liquefied natural gas that was settled in Chinese currency instead of U.S. dollars!

You think I’m fucking around? You’re waiting for me to tell you what to do? I already did! In case you missed it, here’s a reminder: STOCK UP!

While your stupid ass sits around paying attention to the “new episode” of Trump’s Reality TV drama, the government of India is offering their currency as an “alternative” to the U.S. dollar in international trade.

Yes, you can bullshit all you want with DeSantis and believe politicians and billionaires actually give a fuck about you enough to have your interests and well-being at heart, but, Saudi Arabia has actually agreed to accept Kenyan shillings as payment for oil shipments to Kenya instead of U.S. dollars.

Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert!

It is going to tumultuous on the way down. The entire west is finished. Let me give you one last perspective, before I close off this article. I have been diligently stocking up and here are pictures—before and after—of items I purchased a week to a few months ago. Look at their prices then and today.

It seems faggot, morons like Nick Fuentes are going to get their wish after all.

Get Ready for Pandemonium!