The Red Dragon has taken flight and she plans to soar the open skies. Yet, the bald eagle has other plans for it.

Regardless of what anyone says, the entire Chinese balloon fiasco was a PSYOP. Disregard how pathetic and ridiculous the whole charade was, did they really believe the public was going to fall for that nonsense? Okay, fine. Yes, the average American is a moron, so I’m sure a great number of them fell for it, like they fell for the covid hoax. But, holy shit, the American government has a lot of confidence in how stupid the populace is. It is no wonder US intelligence is doubling down with the PSYOP.

This just goes to show how retarded boomer Americans are with their “war on…”, “hoorah!” mindset. America and China are in a trade war and currently China is winning. From this, more psyops and propaganda will emerge.

It’s another Cold War. Both nations are seeking to sabotage each other and guess what?! We are all caught in the middle. The morons who make up government that the average jackass believes in are such geniuses. They’re smarter than all of us put together, you know.

Start saying your goodbyes to the west. It was nice while it lasted. People my age experienced the best of the rise of technology—the internet, the Big Mac, Nintendo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Things haven’t been the same for some time, now, but after what is to come comes, things will definitely become surreal. China has just started her ascension and from the looks of it, she has the avid support of many other nations.

They refer to it as the “bipolar world”, but as I’ve shown you guys, it is really the rise of the Multi-Polar World, Communist plan unfurling.

‘They want to establish Brics as an oppositional bloc against the West, but it will be difficult. Who is going to provide the gold to boost the currency or bankroll it?’

This is not a drill, people. This is happening in our lifetime. I forsee summertime being quite eventful, to say the least. Just remember that you cannot trust any government!

Here is Soros back in 2009 where he said, “A decline in value of the dollar is necessary…China will be the engine driving it forward… a managed decline of the dollar.”

America’s recent response to other countries moving away from the USD, is to call it “a violation of American rights”.

No one should be forced to deal in fiat currency, but taking down the west has been the plan all along and there are people within our own government who are facilitating China’s Rise. Still, the lies that come out of Washington are being amped up and it is not being spun that China an Brazil not conducting commerce in USD is “a violation to the rights of US citizens”. Unbelievable! Do you understand what’s going on here, folks? You and I, including other nation states, are not allowed to have a parallel economy outside of the reaches and control of the Federal Reserve.

Trust no government! These people are retarded individuals who believe you and I to be way more retarded than they are. If you think this does not apply to us freedom loving folks who just want to be left alone, then you just might be retarded after all. This is more about us than it is about them [China].