S.686—The Restrict Act—is the bill that will deprive you of your internet privacy. The government—moronic people who control the apparatus of power in any country, that are believed by other morons of the general population—wants everyone to believe this is all about TikTok. It is not! It is about you and I. We pose an immediate threat to those who subjugate and oppress us.

For those of you who think the government is on our side, you are wrong! Feminine “Think About the Kids” and “To Protect the Kids” emergency ethics, are once again being used to censor us. This has always been done as I’ve written here. Female values are always used and will always be used to destroy and control anything men create. This is the nature of human existence and society.

The bill has bipartisan support and as it is with most laws—specifically ones that use feminine values—to protect the children—this is just another scapegoat. The real agenda is to heavily monitor, control and censor freedom of expression. After all, the elites cannot afford to have free speech, free thought and freedom of opinions, because it threatens their illegitimate powers. This is easily adopted due to everything I’ve explained right here in this article, where women see the government as a surrogate husband and father (a pimp) and the government assumes the role of parents. Again, this is only because of Feminine values and people foolishly adhere to these values. Feminine values are destructive, coercive and stifling. Masculinity has always been about freedom and being explorative. Humans have only gotten this far because of the latter and never, because of the former. Now, as a result of women being let loose in society, the government, electronic devices and social media are raising current and future generations.

Because of women, be they single or married, devices and social media have taken up the role that women normally play—raising generation Z and generation Alpha. The USA’s government is conveniently using more Feminine tactics to spy on us and restrict us.

It goes without saying that giving women a camera or a device with a camera, social media and letting them on the internet was a gigantic mistake! Women will turn any and everything into being about them—they will sexualize it and use it for sexual attention. It doesn’t matter what the thing, vocation or enterprise is, they will use it to garner male sexual attention. It is just what women do, because they have nothing to offer outside of sex. The children they raise, unfortunately, emulate these feminine values—vapid, senseless, attention-seeking. Still, this will never be highlighted by the government and instead, the government will use it for its nefarious agendas, such as “safety” and “national security”.

[Recently, in downtown Vancouver, a man who asked someone not to vape around his daughter [more Feminine values], was stabbed to death. What’s worse is that a Tik Toker (a member of a generation raised by women), rather than trying to get help, recorded the whole incident, while smiling. He even took a selfie with the dead body.]

This bill encompasses and affects all internet related devices and software. This includes, but not limited to, cell phones, personal computers, laptops, cars, IoT devices, cloud services, emails and so on. It is draconian in every single aspect. As I mentioned here in this article, it will not only fine people who directly attempt to access TikTok, $250,000, but those who use VPNs, or the TOR network to access Tik Tok will be fined $1,000,000 and their properties taken away from them.

Not only is the government allowed to spy on us, through ISPs and other subcontracted entities we use to access the internet, it will take away your personal property if you have been found to be in violation of this new bill. All in the name of “protecting the children”.

This is the next phase of the Communist takeover. Remember October, 1917.