You still believe allowing women to roam freely in public was a good idea? You still think granting women access to roles in public life is a good thing? If you do, you’re a moron.

I keep saying it, but many of you retards out there think I hate women: women destroy societies, censorship is feminine and feminine values lays waste to everything!

You can call me a woman-hater, a misogynist or whatever retarded, feminine contrived retorts you jackasses come up with when the facts about women are candidly brought up. But, you can’t call me crazy, because all the evidence is there.

Just be fucking honest. Who raises these misfits? WOMEN. Who promotes and tolerates the nonsense? WOMEN. Who creates and raises faggots? WOMEN. Who births and nurtures mentally retarded kids and those with infirmities like cerebral palsy and demand everyone to believe they are “special”? WOMEN.

This isn’t very hard to figure out, nor understand, but it is very difficult to accept, because your minds have been feminized!