I don’t know. I’ve lost count on how many times this hoax peddler has flip flopped, but the Jesuit charlatan is scaring the public again and says, “we are expecting a new pandemic, maybe as early as next year.” He is not letting go.

This ought not surprise you readers. You are up to speed on how this and many other hoaxes and psyops work. It is no different to what was done thousands of years ago, when the prophets, priests, witches and “wise men” would consult the Oracle, the Fates or the entrails of a goat. This time around, they are using “science”. “Trust the Seance!”

As I’ve warned countless of times before in my ‘rona Chronicles series, this is never going away! The Communists have a very effective tool of deception. It can be used over and over and over again, to mobilize and control any population. Whilst the Overton Window has shifted, many will continue to be wilfully ignorant and deceived; believing what the “authorities” tell them. This is because emergency ethics is very powerful. It is the dynamism behind our survival and the male-female sexual dynamics. It has always been weaponized against us by governments that rely on its effectiveness.