Today, the White House released this stupid shit, declaring the covid 19 plandemic hoax to be officially over.

You get it? I hope you get it. It’s over when they say it’s over! They spake its overness into existence. Done. Finished. Finito. It is no longer a threat, because they said it’s over.

We made it, folks! Thank God we’re all vaxxed! Even Tiffany Dover made it through this nightmare.

If you or anyone is to get sick from today into the future, it is not Covid, okay? You don’t have anymore excuses for calling out sick or not paying your bills. It has been “signed into law”.

Gosh! What a swell guy that Brandon is. He singlehandedly ended covid in one fell swoop of his presidential fountain pen. Can you imagine how stupid these people understand the average person to be, that they can create a law saying the plandemic hoax is over? I believe it is similar to how brain dead I understand the average person to be, but, these people do not hold back.

These shenanigans are effective, because the average person, being a brain dead, drooling idiot, believes in a higher power. It is only natural to their makeup that they see the government as the arbiter of right, wrong and reality itself. It worked in Germany, last week and now, the USSA.

“We have successfully overcome the pandemic in Germany and also with a good balance sheet,”

Governments around the world literally destroyed the lives of their citizens over a planetary hoax! 3 years have passed and myself and many others are still going, “What the fuck really happened in 2020??? Did that shit really happen???”

Yes, it did! It was very easy for governments to turn family members against each other, destroy businesses and other social interactions and relationships. They effectively made us way more atomized than we already were, before 2020.

Aside from the glaring absurdities, you can rest assured that this isn’t really the end of this hoax. It is now and will always be a card on the table, to scare the general populace into submission.